Elon Musk orders Twitter staff to work 84-hour weeks as 75% of employees face being fired

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  1. Wht the fuck are we wasting money on this shit instead of healthcare and education? Fucking ridiculous

  2. The primary reason for having a national government is to defend the nation. Clearly they don't teach civics anymore.

  3. But how does literally EVERY other nation in the world manage to do this while spending a fraction of what we spend?

  4. You mean literally EVERY other nation that depends on the US military to be a deterrent from them being invaded? Even NATO countries rely on massive US military bases. Go look up how many US bases are just in Japan, South Korea, UK, Germany and Italy for starters.

  5. 1000 Volts or 1000 Watts? You can deliver 1000 watts at 1 Volt (with a lot of current). On the same note you can deliver a lower Wattage on 1000 Volts.

  6. Silly wabbit, 1000v @ 1 amp is 1Kw, not 1Mw (1000kw). You need 1000v @ 1000 amps for 1Mw.

  7. Yes it is an exciting development.

  8. I'd argue that most typical homes are 150-200a service, not 100a. But even that is still a far cry from what will be needed for a single mega charger!

  9. This is at least the third thread about the same exact recall.

  10. I wish I did! I was starting at the light bar when it was coming towards me thinking it was a rivian and I didn't connect the dots until it was right in front of me.

  11. The CT doesn't look anything like a Rivian. Not even from far away. You would be more likely to confuse it with a Delorean.

  12. So now we are going to re-upload the same story over and over again by splitting it up per country? This community has turned into a low effort dumpster fire.

  13. I know there is high demand for misleading Tesla articles, but holy fuck these are getting retarded.

  14. Someone needs to invent a flush riser.

  15. My guess is they need the extra width/depth for stability.


  17. Ice, excellent choice. Very true, and very overlooked!

  18. The rise in gun violence is directly proportional to the rise in violence and criminal activity in general, and not the driver of it. Violence had been trending steadily downward until the BLM, Occupy, and ANTIFA movements started.

  19. Can't wait to see an actual production intent version, especially considering the assembly line is supposed to be pumping them out in about 6 months.

  20. Tesla preemptively issues an over the air update to their cars to fix a potential intermittent issue, and

  21. I assumed it would be for condensation in the rear lights. It might just be me, but I see a lot of Tesla's with this issue for such a new car.

  22. That's the wrong reason, Tesla service center experiences can vary from OK to messy... And I never had to wait three weeks to a month for an appointment in a non EV even if it was undrivable. But it's the norm with Tesla.

  23. Not sure where you live but I've never had that experience w/ Tesla. Ever.

  24. Went with a buddy to get his Bolt (he also owns a Tesla). Despite the fact he paid cash it still took TWO DAYS for him to take possession of it. First day was typical "do you want the extended warranty and all this other crap" followed by, "it needs a software update, should be done in an hour." Followed by, "we can't get the update to work, we have to call Chevy and get a technician to figure out why it's not updating. No you can't bring the car back, we have to update it before you can have it even though you already paid for it."

  25. I was once on a bus in London and there was a glass panel perpendicular to the rear door, like a wind break or whatever. Well that thing for no discernable reason just spontaneously exploded.

  26. Main turn-off for me is it's not vertical. Same issue on my Asteroids cab, and the spinner on that was pure garbage.

  27. Get both lol. Buy Simpsons with stool for $340, and get a free final fight. That sounds like a good deal.

  28. I did (had FF for a while and just got the Simpsons). I also have the OG Centipede and Asteroids cabs. The FF cab is the only one I didn't touch in terms of modding because it's got an awesome game collection and the controls are totally great. Might look into a lighted marquee for it though.

  29. It was $299 at Kohl's with $60 in Kohl's cash.

  30. Not going to lie, I would do an even trade of my M3LR for an S or X of equal range. But the 3 in general is an unbeatable value proposition.

  31. The whole 117 thing is super weird because at one point they were down to 10. So it went from 500 to 10 to 117 to 0.

  32. 117 is a joke. KI is owned by Microsoft. 117 is the numerical designation of Master Chief from Halo.

  33. The lip between the controllers and the frame of the cabinet. I'm finished with it as of today, so imma take some photos. I'll be posting tomorrow.

  34. That, and the marquee cuts off the top of the screen if you are not sitting on the floor 😝. Also just not a big fan of the cabinet art, but I suppose that's subjective.

  35. It would be a tough choice for me at $99. The design issues are hard to overcome.

  36. I bet it would look great spray painted black

  37. And it's both less energy efficient and not as quick or as fast as a Model S.

  38. It would prove that this country truly is built on a Foundation of racism.

  39. Right, but the question was about if Trump won, not Biden and the Democrat party (which created the KKK).

  40. Yes, we already know this about people who vote democrat.

  41. Definitely the cab that Arcade1Up should have made. I still cringe at the fact that they used a horizontal display. They could also use a better shader to simulate the vector glow.

  42. Electric cars will not save the planet or solve traffic. They are only here to save the automotive industry.

  43. This is a dumb comment considering the auto industry fought against EVs tooth and nail and it has hurt them immensely having to expend huge amounts of capital into retooling.

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