1. I just made a comment on another post about how she would be soaking it all up if she ever made it that far in her singing career. What a fucking idiot! They’re hateful bigots.

  2. Their lives are so boring. You know if Morgan had pursued music and was actually recognised at something like the Grammys, then she would 100% be soaking it up!

  3. Her name is Morgan. They were/are long distance. They met 3 years ago (according to her Insta) but only started dating some time last year. She mentioned ‘connecting months ago’ so I don’t know how long exactly but since he’s like Paul and also older, I wouldn’t say long. She has a post at a gun range with the caption “how else would one girl spend her weekend. God bless the USA”. Her Insta description says “to live is Christ, to die is gain”. She owns an Airbnb. She made a post about how racism still exists with a picture of her and a child in Ethiopia. Michael mentioned her briefly in the live he did with Paul and i think in the video too. In Michael’s engagement post there is a picture of a little girl but she’s not on Morgan’s profile so I don’t know who she it.

  4. I remember in one video with Michael he mentioned balancing foods out even when getting take away or something. I noticed on his plate with the pizza he has a single carrot. Don’t worry, it’s a full sized carrot. Not a baby one!

  5. I think that’s just the auto created caption because she says she needs to hammer out the idea a bit but it changed it to camera out.

  6. The captions have a hard time with her super-rapid speaking, I think! The video for this was unhinged. It really felt like she was hyped-up on a lot of caffeine.

  7. Definitely was a super manic video! So hyped on this brilliant money making idea!!

  8. The way she started it off threw me! The life she dreamed of and then immediately talks about her sick baby.

  9. Is Davey using a rolling backpack in this? What happened to the fancy one she begged for that was totally for Davey and Davey alone?

  10. I wonder if this was filmed before that whole saga. She does like to reuse old ‘content’.

  11. The thought of Bethany googling white lady names for these posts is sending me

  12. She’s just listing the names that they had on the list before they decided on Audrey.

  13. She hadn’t made any money yet so she had to keep it up until some sucker took it!

  14. Lube is needed for when he pouts that he’s not getting any and Morgan has to do her wifely duty of sucking it up and taking it.

  15. I wonder if he thinks this is a way to show he isn’t affected by the “hate” (even though it’s truth), but all it shows is how much it got under his skin. Glorious!

  16. Paul has a love/hate relationship with the fundie snarkie community. He feels misunderstood by the hAtErS, but he also loves attention of any kind.

  17. She is stuck on the anti drag bandwagon. She is so deeply offended by it! Is it because people who want to do drag and do it are expressing a side of themselves and being who they want to be? instead of hiding it because it’s ungodly?

  18. Call me crazy, insane even, but I feel like most people would go feral if they saw their partner wearing a big t-shirt of theirs to bed. Idk maybe I’m wrong since I’ve never been married or in a long term relationship. However I also feel like some of the sexiest “lingerie” isn’t actual lingerie you know.

  19. My husband prefers things like a big tshirt or a singlet over proper lingerie most of the time! Sometimes I wear it for him… other times I’m just wearing it because that’s what I’m comfortable in.

  20. "More frequently than you would prefer" wow wow wow. Not just joyfully available, sexily dressed under your modest potato sack

  21. She’s so pathetic! BethaME, your course is not worth thousands… it’s not even worth hundreds. If it was, you’d have made a lot more sales.

  22. I'm just so confused who her audience is - is she trying to go for Godly Christian Women who are happy to let their headships make all of the financial decisions, or is it young female entrepreneurs who are looking to escape the corporate grind? I feel like there's a lack of overlap between those two demographics so I don't understand what market she thought she'd be targeting.

  23. Her growth has been slow, but it absolutely has not been "steady," as several posts on this sub have demonstrated. She got a couple thousand followers off the jump (most of whom probably followed her from GD), and has since stagnated at a measly ~3100. A snark account (RIP SheWorksShart) outpaced that follower count in only a few days.

  24. This 100% I was thinking about she works shart when I saw this and just how quickly they overcame her follower count! The fact that she’s only just at 3000 now shows how poorly she’s doing! GD followers and her followers do not care for her niche.

  25. The sound of them all screeching is horrific! Also, I internally flinched when Jordan threw the feed.

  26. Lol, I'm glad at no point in their response to, "how should I get involved in the political realm?" did they mention "vote"... 😂

  27. I was waiting for them to bring up voting but praying is a much better option for them to follow!

  28. Bless your servant's heart for enduring this!

  29. Bethy the dementor trying to suck out his soul… is that why he seems more miserable now?

  30. She was at home with Luca during the live but will be going to her parent’s house for a bit. I’m guessing she needs people who will ACTUALLY help with Luca!

  31. I don’t have kids so maybe I just don’t understand, but you finally have the perfect, healthy little babyloaf you’ve been carrying and waiting for and instead of just staring at it in awe and memorizing every little hair and cell on their head you’re…looking at pictures of yourself on your phone. Wow.

  32. I’m currently pregnant with my first so I haven’t experienced it yet myself. I know from people around me that there are definitely those moments of soaking it all in and other times where you will find something else to entertain yourself. Her form of entertainment is… very BethaME. Is she longing for simpler times?

  33. My bonding times always hit me completely out of the blue, no rhyme or reason. Sometimes you’re going through your day without really paying attention to anything in particular, sometimes it’s 2 am and you can’t put them back down until you snort their little heads a dozen times.

  34. 😑 I’m really, really sorry for her loss. However, 6 weeks? I’m shocked they even found a heartbeat. They usually don’t do these kinds of appointments until 10 weeks. And they recommend not telling anyone until the first trimester is up for a good reason.

  35. I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks due to ivf. There was a flicker on the screen which I was told was the heartbeat. The flicker was very clear for my ultrasound. I know that ultrasounds looks different for people but my goodness there is quite a difference between the one she posted and the ones I’ve seen at that early stage of pregnancy!

  36. I would have sympathy for her if she told the truth about the timeline and didn’t use this as constant content to gain clout and sympathy. That sympathy that I would have had would have only been for this situation cause she’s still a piece of shit.

  37. In the words of the cast of The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals: “Paul, you piece of shit!”

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