1. I live in rural northeast pa, and in my neighborhood there’s a guy who flew a confederate flag. I was so confused like, wait why is that the only place I see this flag and what does it represent? It wasn’t until after I left that neighborhood that I figured it out.

  2. That man just regained his consciousness and you are judging his grammar🗿

  3. I’d say did he have a stroke, but maybe he did and that’s why he’s in the hospital

  4. Ezra Bridger was an era bridger, Sleaze Baggono was a sleazebag. And Darth Sidious plans were insidious and Darth Vader's lightsaber invaded a lot of youngling's chests. Star Wars writers have never been very subtle with their naming schemes.

  5. Han Solo, at first thought mostly of himself and what benefited him, so you could be wanted to be solo

  6. Oh yeah. I still remember my reaction when my parents announced we were going to Zion. Easily one of my best Christmases ever.

  7. I remember convincing my parents to go up when we were in Vegas for Veterans Day weekend, which also was a free admissions day. Best decision we made, a literal sea of yellow shimmering aspen, towering cliff sides, and 60* degree weather.

  8. Not even the large male can withstand the power of Scout's thicc ass

  9. I mean Bethesda could’ve just as easily explained away that yours was the only one left working by the time Shaun thawed you out because of the whole backup thing. And that the other pods just broke down over time and the only reason your’s was still ok was because of the Institute interfering. Instead of making it just needlessly confusing and saying they left them unfrozen to die intentionally.

  10. Mentioned, yes, appeared? No. While he originally had a scene it was eventually cut from the final release. It was then later reimplemented with CGI in subsequent releases, like the Special Edition

  11. So doesn’t that technically make this a trick question unless specified in what context?

  12. Splatoon 4: Callie and Marie are Cursed to Crave Lettuce and Go Apeshit During the Month of March

  13. Captain 3 goes insane and does nothing but hunt down children to steal their trix cereal

  14. When does Mr. Wilkins pay us for all this foolishness?

  15. Ah hands down for me too, might be a little campier or goofier compared to Raiders or Temple. But I just love the dynamic between Indy and his dad, Ford and Connery made it look so natural.

  16. The electric kettles one really causes some culture shock in me. Americans don't (often) have electric kettles? But .. tea .. confused.. Don't know any households that don't have one; in our household it is probably one of the most used electric appliances.

  17. I started drinking chamomile 2 years back after I started having anxiety problems to help calm my nerves. Just recently bought an electric kettle and it’s been way more efficient than stovetop or microwave.

  18. "Death is a preferable alternative to communism"

  19. Bathe me in melted white chocolate so that others may look upon my hedonism in disgust.

  20. That does the beg the question what a white chocolate fondue would be like though?

  21. Avoiding war crime-y actions as much as possible is what separates good rebels from bad terrorists, in fiction.

  22. Well as the saying goes, history is written by the winners. So I don’t think they really cared that much by this point tbh. Ffs they had the Ewoks marinating some of the ground troops by this point. If that’s not a war crime idk what is.

  23. The Senate is more an illusion, Palps couldn't just remove it immediately. He needed to look a certain way. He dissolves it 19 years later.

  24. It was a democratic senate in the same sense that Imperial Rome had a senate. they didn’t have any true authority as the empire went on through the years. But they still had the support of the people and could condone the actions of the emperor if abhorrent enough.

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