1. I've started typing a sentence 5 times now. I have a lot of knowledge but no idea where to start. Unfortunately, the skills needed are often the ones we are the worst at. Organization, planning, time management.

  2. I also have dyslexia and adhd. I have a 14 month old so it's a bit early to tell but so far it seams she got her father's brain. While pregnant I was freaking out that she might get all my husband's and my worst traits. Who knows what she will end up with in life, but she is already an amazing little person and I am lucky to be her mom.

  3. I had two, one corded electric and 1 manual that I kept in the car. I also didn't pump much and honestly hated it

  4. Toddlers love cats, get some of those. Dogs too, so add that to the list.

  5. Check out the guild of ambiance on YouTube. I love the library ones! I do all my work with background sounds of some sort

  6. My grade 8 science teacher was a climate change denier. She said she's teach it to us for the state tests, but that she did not believe in it, often. Apparently her reasoning is that the carbon cycle of plants is too strong to allow for men to change the weather.

  7. My grade 8 science teacher didn't believe in evolution and was mad that she had to stop teaching creationism.

  8. I figured a Seinfeld fan, but there are way better names than seven

  9. I don’t think of it as “folding the sheet” - in my head it’s “matching up the corners”. Entirely different experience.

  10. I was hoping that I would make it almost full term so my baby's birth day would be 12/3/21. She came 5 weeks early 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Because my mother who is a retired teacher with two masters degrees can give my daughter a better early elementary education than the school district.

  12. Should we call it "Texas" or "Florida"?

  13. Call it texas. Most of us in Florida really don't want any more of these people

  14. Lol my almost 15 month old is just starting to understand this. Like as of last night.

  15. Hello! You can always try adding in a formula bottle or two a day. They have about 5 calories more per oz then average breastmilk and if you have low fat breastmilk like one of my friends it will make a huge difference. I wish you luck and hope that y9ur baby starts gaining weight!

  16. The birth of my son actually was just as traumatic for my husband than it was me.

  17. It was traumatic for my husband but not me. I was relaxed and on the good drugs. I had no idea I was bleeding out or that there were 18 people in room or that my delivery was so fast that they thought the baby might od on the good drugs they had given me.

  18. I read a few comments down that you gave birth during covid times. That makes a lot of sense, I feel so bad for people that had to give birth during that period of time. The hospitals in our area first had a NO visitors policy for birthing moms at all, and the staff raged because thats so traumatic and shitty so they decided to let 1 visitor. The cafeteria was closed and they had the choice to either eat from the vending machine or buy a tray from the hospital. Crazy times.

  19. I can't imagine how hard it would have been to deliver without my husband. My hospital was no visitors summer of 2020. I had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in emergency surgery. They let him in the ER with me because it was an Emergency. Once I got taken to pre-op he was kicked out of the hospital. He technically wasn't allowed back in but the labor and delivery nurses felt so bad for me they snuck him into my room after the surgery.

  20. Tile is fantastic and it is easy to keep clean

  21. Make a warm spot with treats and see if he comes to it. I wish you luck

  22. i wanted to be a marine biologist who also toured with Stevie Nicks when i was a kid. but… we change our minds and life happens.

  23. I mean that does sound like a good time lol

  24. Until having a child I had to use audio books to fall asleep. I would use stories I had heard many times so my brain would just drift off. Now I'm so exhausted from lack of sleep that I pass out.

  25. That was me during lockdown....but I was the teacher. I wish you luck!

  26. Mine is just entering toddler hood but lives going for walks in her stroller. I pop her in the stroller, put an audio book on and we walk. Sometime I bring snacks for my daughter, sometimes I bring them for both of us of, sometimes I drink wine. But we take an hour Ling walk outside and I'm re-regulated by the time we get home.

  27. I got lucky with a fantastic one. She was super supportive with that we wanted to combo feed since my daughter was 5 weeks early. She helped me figure out positions that might work and showed my husband how to help me get the baby to latch. It took us 3 weeks of using what she taught us (and 3 weeks of my baby growing) to finally get her to latch.

  28. They also don’t even touch your baby! It’s done with a dart from the other side of the room!

  29. Do they test the wells before treating? Our well had too much fluoride and I ended up with dental fluorosis. My teeth are ugly as hell from all the mottling/pitting.

  30. In Florida at least if you own a private well its up to you to contact the local water department and pay them to test your well. You should do this annually.

  31. I’m honestly curious, because I’m reading a lot of these comments and I grew up in an extremely strict religious home so I don’t know: do you guys really not drink in front of your kids? Every friend I had with parents who weren’t religious had bottles of wine at their house. It was casual and normal for a grown up to have an occasional drink for dinner or a holiday. When I studied abroad, it was the same scenario.

  32. My parents drank and smoked in front of us (not weed just regular cigarettes lol) but I’ve only seen them drunk once or twice and always it was an accident. Or a random Christmas where one overindulged lol.

  33. One of the funniest high school memories was of my mom drunk. We had gone out to a Mexican restaurant and it had unlimited margaritas. We were walking home since we lived in a walkable city at the time. My dad thought we needed to go in one direction to get home and my mom thought we needed to go in a different direction. She looks at us and asked "who's directions do you trust more? My directions drunk or your dad's sober." We all said yours drunk. Well she was right and we made fun of my dad for weeks.

  34. My parents drank in front of me and it was never an issue because they were responsible. My parents raised us to be responsible with alcohol. When I was in college I would have wine with my dinner but would also bring my own water bottles to parties and would always DD for the group because I knew how to be safe and responsible.

  35. Have they thought about positive attention at all?!?!? If punishment isn't working, maybe try something else before harsher punishments.

  36. This 💯 kids who don't get enough attention for positive things will turn to negative actions and thoughts for attention.

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