1. “Sorry everyone. I was in the bathroom. I see you finally invented laxatives. I also noticed you invented plungers. That’s good. Also, don’t go in there for a while.”

  2. Did this move to a pay site or something? If so, where? I need mooarrrrrrrr!

  3. I think this is the best series I’ve ever read on Reddit.

  4. Yep, format and reload windows is the best bet. It can be a hassle to back everything up (docs, pics, music, videos, saved games) which is why alternative storage (either cloud or external drives) is the way to go. The good news is that your system will definitely run much better afterwards. Prior to doing anything, run acronis drive monitor (free from their website) to get an idea of your hdd health. Anything less than 100% means buy a new drive and start from scratch.

  5. If I need to get a new hdd what all will that entail "starting from scratch" Will I need to pay for a new OS and lose all my saved files (pics, docs, etc..) would it be possible to put all of that on an external drive and swap it over to the new hdd? Also thank you!

  6. In the event your hdd is not 100%, you should be able to copy docs, music, pics, videos to something else (like an external drive or cloud storage). Games are a bit different. Some steam games retain my progress, Escape From Tarkov also retained progress. However, some steam games don’t continue and think you are starting a new game, which sucks. As for Windows, since win 8, the activation key somehow ties to your motherboard so you should be fine and not have to rebuy windows. BUT if your drive is failing, you will be screwed when it dies. (Because a dead/dying drive can be really unpredictable for file retrieval). I used to work in a pc repair shop and some guy brought an 8tb drive in that had all of his businesses important docs. The drive tested out at 95% healthy but we couldn’t get anything off of it. But it was also somewhat common to have drives that were only 10% healthy that I was able to save all important stuff from. It really depends on where the corruption hits. Also, there are software solutions that will clone a drive to a new drive. However, that means you get all the crap you were trying to get rid of in the first place.

  7. I got the Ryujin ii 360. I haven’t installed it yet. But it does look sexy 🤷‍♂️ (i9-12900k)

  8. You can’t really go wrong with a Carbon Copy. In my opinion, it’s sort of a Swiss Army knife of delay. I love mine. I also have a flamma FC05 but I haven’t really had time to really get into it. I picked it up on a whim and it was only like $40.

  9. Help with my chain order. I have a Novo 24 with a Cioks dc7 with the Cioks 8 adapter (which arrives tomorrow) so I have 15 power outputs. I’m thinking (from guitar) Polytune 3 into Boss SD1 Boss ds1 TS9 Plumes Tumnus Deluxe You Dirty Rat Russian Big Muff reissue Deluxe Electric Mistress into DSL40CR

  10. He’s right. But you should order a second and try to stack. You have room.

  11. Ok, I’ll show my noob-ness. Where do I find maps and where do I find fuel for the hideout?

  12. Only way you’ll get the answer is to show the noob-ness, and then you won’t be a noob! Interchange is great for fuel runs, more specifically the OLI store. Go into OLI and start checking all the shelves. Maps on the other hand is a different thing. You can use the in game maps purchased from therapist but in my opinion and most other tarkov players it’s not worth it because the maps you can find online are much more detailed than those you find in game. Pull up a map of the current map you are either on your phone/tablet or secondary monitor.

  13. I run it on an i7-8565u ASUS laptop with GTX 1050 and 16 GB ram, SSD for system files and rotational for data and storage. Runs great with mid grade settings

  14. Never. Bad idea. Use a regular hand drill.

  15. Maybe they are worried about someone fucking up the wet skatelite with a shovel? 🤔

  16. I broke four ribs when I botched a fs carve in a bowl. It took about a month to heal. BUT afterwards, I sneezed and sprained the intercostal muscles. This hurt waaaay more than the original breaks. So I was off my board for another three weeks or so. This happened when I was 43. That may have had something to do with the long recovery. I didn’t even fill the Percocet prescription for the broken ribs as I hate pain meds. My wife made me fill the script with the sprained intercostals 🤣.

  17. I would agree! Although the '71 was my first bike, it was mostly a project/I was interested in tearing one down, and had found that one running for $500. I've spent more time tinkering with it than riding it, but it got me into riding and the community, so I'll always keep it as art (it still needs work) if nothing else. Over time I decided I wanted all the nice modern perks for both fun and safety. So far I'm loving the 500! It's super flickable and and feels really comfortable for my ergonomics. I've heard people say the seat sucks but I only weigh 165lbs so I can't complain. And most of the riding I do is 65mph or less so for me the power is great, I get to bang through a few gears, very smoothly by the way, but it doesn't leave me wanting more top end. Crazy nimble, I was doing tight figure 8's in my driveway after five minutes.

  18. What tires did you put on the cl? I have a 72 cl350 and finding a 3.0-19 is not easy . I went with metzelers but I think I want something more dirt road ready.

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