1. Deportation for any of these born overseas after a long jail sentence.

  2. Incredible that many places on earth are transport poor but NASA are already planning for moon colonies. This is what I imagined would happen in 1969.

  3. A further increase in inflation is expected over the months ahead, with inflation forecast to peak at around 8 per cent over the year to the December quarter. Inflation is then expected to decline next year due to the ongoing resolution of global supply-side problems, recent declines in some commodity prices and slower growth in demand. Medium-term inflation expectations remain well anchored, and it is important that this remains the case. The Bank’s central forecast is for CPI inflation to decline over the next couple of years to be a little above 3 per cent over 2024.

  4. Manchester City would be willing to sell their record signing Jack Grealish, 27, to fund the signing of fellow England midfielder Jude Bellingham, 19, from Borussia Dortmund.

  5. Corrupt AFL with all Victorian teams playing at home. As bad as FIFA.

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