1. Boom! Goal hit! And just like that 30 mins and everyone's up $5,000 on their $10,000. Sending everyone's payouts now! In at .00189 out at .002112. I am staying in with a couple others for a larger pay out. Everyone who cashed out has been paid! 💰💰

  2. Boom! Goal hit! And just like that 30 mins and everyone's up $5,000 on their $10,000. Sending everyone's payouts now! In at .00189 out at .002112. I am staying in with a couple others for a larger pay out. Everyone who cashed out has been paid! 💰💰

  3. I am going to post updates here for everyone in on it. We are cashing out at 10 Percent so everyone in gets their original $10,000 plus $5,000. (We did the margin at 5x rather then 2x for the others following).

  4. Sorry to those I haven't answered. I am screening everyone that I am bringing in and it takes me like 30mins to go through all of your posts/history to see if you are a right fit for the team. I will get to everyone it will just take a little time. Sorry

  5. Was waiting for this all day 🙂 Chat sent, thanks again Paul

  6. Sorry for the delay. I am trying to manage my time between everything!

  7. If you live in USA , use VPN to access iT’s way better than the US version. I use surfshark personally for VPN purposes

  8. Great tip. I just didn't want to say it because a lot of our people are newer to day trading and I know sooo many people who have had their accounts frozen and locked because they forget to then turn the VPN on(you have to flick it off to use Amazon, Apple Music, Google etc) Also if you have T-Mobile they will report you for using the vpn and Binance will lock you so please I wouldn't recommend this.

  9. Would you be showing us how to day trade those 3 coins in spot or future trading? I think a lot of the people are new to crypto so future trading would be very risky for people

  10. Futures are way too risky. Even for me! With all do respect Vice(and to you the upmost respect) I don't want to give bits and pieces of how to do it or even what to do or what tab because I am afraid someone may say oh he gave us the coins...or even without the coins...figure out how you'd go about doing it and figure I can probably figure this out and go and try it and really lose A LOT of money! Day trading you can make a lot of money really fast or lose a lot of money very fast you MUST have someone watching your moves and approving your moves for at least your first few weeks or you will make one wrong move and lose everything you have! It's something that is very confusing to learn but with someone good guiding you you'll learn to and love it!

  11. Just a warning because I love you guys and I am worried this may happen and I am going to give ever which warning to make sure you don't don't this..

  12. What's special about this coin? Why is it safe? Why do you think it will hit 50?

  13. I have put a ton of time into studying every coin I recommend. I will only also give you coins that I too have in my own portfolio. I will give you all of the details on this coin later on in the week. This weekend I just have to focus on the Telegram channel and getting that up and running for now. That was just a little bonus for everyone who's on here!

  14. You are doing as many others are doing that I've spoke with. You are focusing on the meme coins! Stay away from these unless you are in the first group in! There are too many now flooding the market and they are too risky!

  15. I'm in on it. Only just since yesterday 😅

  16. That's an ehh coin. You won't lose on it. But there are much better gainers!

  17. Oh no! Please don't hold on my the picks I give just as quick money makers! For the quickies where you can make a nice little chunk real quick always make sure if I say dump to dump!

  18. Its 1:43am Est time so you need to move quick! Its gunna jump at 2:00am then drop very fast!

  19. In my opinion you are wasting a lot of money! A lot of people are using Uniswap and the likes to make trades! These coins you are getting on there are mostly meme coins! To buy coins in the main market it costs about .01 per trade and NO GAS! The coins are actually much more stable and produce much better gains too. I use binance (European/Non U.S) to buy 99 percent of my coins.

  20. would locve to hear from you man and learn, im a mostly hodler but down to learn how to sling that shit on a daily basis

  21. Sure I will get you to you. Normally I say give me about 24-48 hours to response but I may need a little longer due to the sheer amount of requests I am getting.

  22. I joined this reddit last night and I was reading a lot of the post that you made and wondering if you were going to make any videos or do what may be a live stream of your live trading??

  23. Hmm honestly I would and I thought of this I just don't have the time. I am working with so many people individually I'm just overwhelmed right now with the amount of people who are reaching out! I am able to afford to work 8-10 hours with you guys without asking for a dime because I have been so fortunate in the it's my way of giving back to the community just my time is super limited right now and I'm trying to help the people in order by how much they plan on trading!

  24. This is one of the best instructional posts I've ever seen. Adanazonia you really outdid yourself! Did one hell of a job! 💙

  25. Keep the fud to yourself my man is just moving to other things

  26. I taught you guys well! Stand up for your coin! This is YOUR investment! Don't ever let anyone bring it down!!

  27. Thank you brother, much appreciated. Wishing you lots of success on your new endeavor. #kishuarmy4life

  28. Although this is a glitch it does happen. I have heard of people receiving insane amounts in their wallet that are real by accident. It's extremely rare but people do plug in addresses wrong. However now that they are all copy and paste for the most part these days is it a lot less likely to happen!

  29. Hey thanks Nicto! (I love that name btw!) Up 8x is great! You must have read some of the posts or really studying your crypto because you are making a great decision.

  30. So is staying in Kishu a good move at this point?

  31. Just cause I am not longer a part of their staff doesn't mean it's not good. But thank you 😊. Haha just messing around! It depends what your goal is! It's all based on what your goals are!

  32. Out of respect for the people who have their money in that coin I will not elaborate.

  33. I don't really want to out of respect for the people who have their money in the coin and as not to hurt them worse.

  34. Fair enough. Although i do believe there is a connection between bsocial and kishu. I'm pretty sure president hodl is involved with both from what I can see?

  35. He has no connection to Kishu anymore (other than being in the Kishu chat room and Kishu has absolutely no connection to Banksocial at all!

  36. Hey r3k9! Welcome to the team! Here is another skilled cryptologist to help you guys with whatever questions you may have in regards to cryptocurrency and trading!

  37. This is just as important or even more important! If you guys all stuck together and posted everywhere you guys would make each other rich!

  38. This is your coin. It belongs to the holders! Don't ever let people shit on your coin! They are taking money from your pockets when they do!

  39. We have the single hardest working meme coin team out right now and we really truly love this project and you guys! What we are going to accomplish will blow your minds!

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