1. That case was a prime example of how much corporations can control the narrative at any given moment. I remember this going down as a kid and that poor woman was the laughing stock of the nation. She wasn't even asking for much at all. We saw a doc several years ago that broke down the whole mess. They did her dirty. All she wanted was help with medical expenses. It was so fucked up.

  2. If Jean is being the Phoenix then she solos everyone on both sides lol.

  3. LeVar Burton was one of two positive male role models I ever had growing up. The other was Mr. Rogers.

  4. PBS taught us to be kind and the world tried to tell us it was wrong. No world you are wrong imma be kind whether you like it or not!

  5. Well you could speak to the landlord because this is a dangerous fire hazard. Local code enforcement would have a field day with the means of egress being blocked like that. Once the tickets start rolling in shit should change.

  6. Wow Will came from a broken home and still chose to cheat. Wtf Will

  7. Go ahead and try some, it's the quenchiest.

  8. My daughter is the same age and mostly non-verbal too. It has been a readjustment in our own thinking that just because she can't talk much doesn't mean she doesn't understand what is going on around her. We see glimpses of brilliance all the time now and it really gives us hope.

  9. Maybe one of the other adults who were actively being useless could hold the dog.

  10. I dunno. It's depressing to watch now. I lt wasn't supposed to be prophetic.

  11. Don't know if it's this but my 12 yo daughter sees what she describes as 'static worms'- always has, but it's only the last while she's been able to verbalize what she sees. It's not a vision issue- we've had her checked out a zillion ways from Sunday, and she can sort of turn it off when she doesn't want to see it, but it calms her. Our pediatrician says she's heard this from a few kids on the spectrum and it's not uncommon. Maybe it's that?

  12. Eh, the just extra-dimensional beings...

  13. This is fascinating to me. I'm a huge fan of Ghost Adventures. They have said many times that ghosts are able to connect with those on the spectrum very easily. Maybe she and George are working on something. Even if it's not a ghost she's seeing, it is probably just age appropriate play. My NT daughter could get into her own little world when she was young. As long as she can't hurt herself or others, I would let her explore what her mind is giving her to process.

  14. From infancy she has picked spots on the ceiling or wall and laugh for hours. We have even seen her track things that we couldn't see. We called him George because the previous owner of our house was named that. It seems like a wholesome relationship and can't wait for her to be able to communicate so she can tell us about it.

  15. They all have a static, unflinching, and extra wide grin.

  16. My kids favorite set of children's books is of cute monsters and one book "Don't eat me, Chupacabra" features plantain versions of this. They call them plantanimals.

  17. They should get both, bathroom breaks shouldn’t even be up for debate. We should not have to tip the drivers. Which driver gets it? There’s several drivers per delivery.

  18. The answer is none of them. Amazon just keeps it if I had to make a guess.

  19. Ordinary lightbulbs we use in our households were weakened in quality of the tungsten filament. Why? Good working lightbulbs would last forever. They'd have lit up for decades before the chemistry would lose it's potency (Wolfram).

  20. The documentary "The lightbulb conspiracy" give a good time line on planned obsolescence.

  21. OK so I'm going to gloss over the parts where you are being shitty as others have already addressed it.

  22. That specific pencil you needed for that stupid scantron test that you now remember is sitting on your dresser being useless.

  23. Ate they trying to "lease" your roof. We had a company in our area doing that scam.

  24. Have you tried bleaching it to clean it?

  25. It took a while before I was ready but I was it was open season baby!

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