[Charania] Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

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  1. Yeah you should be sorry, he is a king with at least 500$ to spend. Respect his position.

  2. Yikes man, now you seem unhealthy. Gonna have to block you.

  3. You're free to think what you want, but the illusion I'd like to clear up is that I am not attracted to you in any way, other than the money I could make off you. Which is at least 500$. Not budging on that, and if your rapey vibes continue then I'm no longer offering. I can help with your sexual needs, but you might want to see a therapist about your rage boner, and for developing strategies that facilitate meaningful connection with other people. Oh and your wife might want to know that you're soliciting a male stranger on the internet for sexual services.

  4. nah, it's sterile, you won't mind. I don't think peeing on someone is sexual, unless you think a piss trough is some kind of orgy? Anyway, keep me up to date on sales.

  5. Haha tell that to Chris Brown. You'll receive updates any time you ask about them.

  6. Different strokes, man, and thanks.

  7. He didn't have the mental fortitude to keep riding that Hardest Road; what makes you think he's capable of having a prime?

  8. I was having this same issue a couple years ago. I finally realized that I was leaning on my elbow on my desk all day at work, which was wearing holes in my shirts. I changed the position of my computer and peripherals and got a standing desk. Voila! No more elbow holes.

  9. I had the same happen to me. Holes in all of my shirts, just like OP. My wife patched them all for me (god bless her), and guess what? I holed through all of the patches too.

  10. The point of my reply was that you're clearly not being serious. Were you looking for a retort? I think your comment is a complete joke, is that not enough of a retort? What do you want me to say, "no" ?

  11. wtf? how does that reflect on you in any way? you didn't know about something so you're a piece of shit? get a grip, dude.

  12. They're not worse in America, they're worse in Japan, but it's a dumb idea to begin with that a country can't be a great experience because it also has flaws. Both America and Japan are mostly filled with really great people.

  13. I don't know what you have against Denmark, or how valid that is, but you said it so confidently I'm going to choose to believe you.

  14. Like the other comment said, go for orichalcum if you haven't tried it yet. i was able to get Mithril and orichalcum back to back. Not sure why it's so easy, but it is.

  15. For the life of me I cannot get a warlock or DK to max level. I always get a little over half way, then get extremely bored.

  16. If you want to suck it up, that’s fair game, but I’m not dealing with that petty stuff. There’s a multitude of ways to fuck with other people, chat is just one of them. Ignoring will only do so much. There IS an easy solution and that is to step out of the situation. It works for real life situations as well. But we’ll probably never agree on this aspect.

  17. Yeah I guess not considering your only option seems to be quitting at any sign of conflict.

  18. To be held hostage in a bad time because I’d let down three randoms and some awful dude doesn’t at all sound like fun to me. You can call it selfish all you want, I don’t care. I honestly don’t get why you wouldn’t be able to understand that. Also, there is nothing wrong with avoiding conflict.

  19. I do call it selfish, so that's settled. But the real issue is that you're purposely ignoring the option to ignore someone, and favoring a completely hypothetical situation where the asshole finds additional ways to grief you. Then you're using that made-up scenario as grounds for disappointing 3 additional players.

  20. It will pair you with other “casual” teammates. But I believe you still will be in the same skill based lobbies.

  21. Exactly. People in these comments are acting like they don't get smoked by players who select "casual".

  22. Yep, just open world and leveling. When all those cooldowns are up, I'm good. Heaven forbid mind bender and mind games are both on cooldown though. I need to stop playing like a hunter or lock...

  23. shadow crash intro, mind bender, mind blast, sear if proc'd, mind blast. if you're not at the point where you can shadow word: death, then psychic scream if you need to and focus one or two down. Should be able to pull 4-6 enemies like that. then do 1 or 2 at a time until mind bender is back online. I run Void Eruption too, and that's got a fairly large AoE burst as well. I use that when mind bender is offline.

  24. Glad you asked - bad gift. Not trying to be mean, but that would be very easy to take as an insult as both the parent and the child. It's also pretty impractical, because no kid is going to sit down and read a book about manners.

  25. Maybe. But it is not a book to read, it is based on games for children to teach them manners.

  26. Gotcha, that does seem a little bit more entertaining. The original description just said "book", but a little set of scenarios to do together could be a good time. I don't think the fun of it is very obvious though - I'd still expect them to be offended.

  27. I'm going to be in Tokyo and Kyoto in April, and would love recommendations for shops that have affordable new yukata. Something of a fitting experience or at least helpful staff would be preferable!

  28. I don’t really care what you were looking forward to. I’m not giving my Money to a bigot

  29. i like how you had to pretend to take my comment literally to slip your stance in hahaha. go find something to enjoy.

  30. I have and I will. There are hundreds of other games I already own and still enjoy. This game looks like trash anyway, no offense to the devs.

  31. brave of you. have a good forever.

  32. It will increase traffic and make people’s live harder, commutes longer, waste more fuel, etc

  33. How does the more efficient drive through - intended to reduce the lines - make traffic worse and people's lives harder? I feel like you missed the entire conversation.

  34. I'm not usually someone who wishes ill on others, but it makes me happy knowing he's got those second degree burns in his mouth to remind him daily of his sins.

  35. It’s not hard to track bodies and the ball. The hard part is delivering on the precision and consistency. If a few inches here or there don’t matter too much, then you need a lot less tech

  36. Mmmmm no. I watched a ref spot a ball 2 yards off the actual spot of the down last week. Literally over the 50 yard line. Pretty much any simple triangulation system could be more accurate. A chip at each end of the ball and a third, static point of reference somewhere else on the field. Maybe the goal post. Done. Precise.

  37. Getting it to be reliable enough is a tough engineering challenge which is probably why they don't use it for spotting yet.

  38. No, it's not that hard. Why do people want it to be hard so badly?

  39. mr Tokyo pro tip: go for lunch before 1:00, the lunch buffet is significantly cheaper than the dinner and it’s the same menu (or essentially the same)

  40. Not the same menu, but still a great selection!

  41. I think that of the millions of players, you are the only one.

  42. I just don't think it will be good for my reputation if I publicly support the Peaky Blinders.

  43. Sorry can’t tell if you’re joking there or not.

  44. That's a pretty narrow-minded view of what a church is. It's not just a stance on one specific topic, it's a culture and a community, and most of all a religion. You can agree with 99% of a thing, it can influence every part of your life, and you can still disagree with individual topics. If your country makes a law that you don't agree with, do you leave the country? Or do you vote in people who make the country better? You can still support something without agreeing with 100% of what they do.

  45. See the difference here isnt about things like doctrine or what attire is officially sanctioned… this is about policy that directly affects thousands of people who aren’t even involved in that church… so that’s where I disagree with you and in turn say what you presented is actually more narrow of a view.

  46. Yeah... those are the policies he said he's trying to change. He's got far more influence on the inside, I think that's obvious, and those are the issues that he's openly stated he doesn't agree with. Don't even know his views on attire.

  47. If you want to allow those things, all that you have to do is adjust the rules accordingly. But if you aren't calling it by the rule book, you've just cheapened the competition of the sport. I especially hate hearing about calls made differently for different players in regards to their size or habits. If they can dominate within the rules, let them dominate!

  48. I don't have real experience, but I happened to be browsing the Mt Fuji area on Google Maps and noticed there are a ton of courses right around the base of the mountain. I don't know how public they are, but they look really nice. This one for example:

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