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  1. Sino-Indian war. Battle of Chamdo. Korea. Anything to do with Taiwan. Why you so keen on defending these pieces of shit?

  2. Dude don’t waste your time with this moron, he’s just a Chinese troll

  3. From the uk here and the lady actually has a point that we do have a knife problem in the uk and it need to be addressed before pointing the finger at other countries and calling them out on it. And also we do have mass stabbing here but it’s just not reported on in the MSM but it is reported on in the government websites.

  4. You need a dsg/ecu map and also a dsg service and you’ll be much happier.

  5. I’ve still got quite a few miles/years left until the next DSG service, but I have considered doing it really early and sending a sample to Blackstone labs. Service was done at a VW/Audi dealer, but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories of them not bothering to set the level or change the filter lol.

  6. I personally would not trust dealerships with my car as I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with them, like you said they mess things up and I think they do it on purpose so you go back to them and spend more money. As for the dsg service you can do it sooner rather than later as it would help with performance and also you don’t know how the previews owner used it so it’s better to be safe, and for the other mods you mentioned they will definitely take the car to a next level. Do the dsg service and dsg map first and see how that goes.

  7. Your comment history is even more bizarre than your stupid comment.

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