America is run by oligarchs

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  1. Can’t complain about one word answers tho…

  2. Wonder what would happen if you changed it from Kyle Rittenhouse to Hunter Biden.

  3. Exactly. Elon only cares when the GOP is being called out.

  4. This is extra goofy man. It’s nothing of the sort.

  5. In NYC area, make mixture of ricotta, eggs, grated pecorino, shredded mozzarella and chopped parsley. Incorporate this mixture with red tomato sauce and Al dente pasta. Like ziti, ziti rigati etc. Bake in oven for 40 min or so.

  6. Ohhh I’m going to try adding in the pecorino!

  7. Not really though… baked rigatoni doesn’t have any of the lasagna ingredients.

  8. There is always collateral damage in war… don’t be so flippant.

  9. Is it possible to be divorced and an “active” adulterer at the same time?

  10. When a mommy and a daddy love each other…

  11. How long do we have to listen to this dribble?? Honestly though… how many years will this sore loser, pathetic whining continue?

  12. That’s an ignorant comment given the very plain concerns OP has. There’s nothing unreasonable about wanting extra lessons for kids who have fallen behind, especially considering it’s applicable to millions of kids.

  13. Not to be a total troll, but I think it’s hilarious you blocked out the prices.

  14. As of now, 17h since Caley's tweet, there has been no reporting on this. In fact, his tweet seems to have been influenced by a tweet replying to the Wahoo tweet from someone named NikeDnT, who has tweeted nothing else on the subject. A search on Google and in Twitter for "strava layoff" in the past 24h bring up nothing.

  15. It’s true. My best friend works there… This is the second round of layoffs this year and there wasn’t a press release for the first round either. Just because there wasn’t a press release doesn’t mean someone with inside industry knowledge is wrong.

  16. That man hasn’t seen his own penis in a decade, let alone being able to survive a civil war… what a joke.

  17. You shouldn’t be relying solely on a watch in these instances. Learn how to read a map and have an in reach with you.

  18. Check out their website… there is step by step instructions for just about everything.

  19. It’s not the first time he’s denied it happened.

  20. It’s so embarrassing to act that way… good lord.

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