1. I'm not sure what you mean. Taking care of physical hardware is just cleaning things or replacing them 99% of the time unless you're thinking of a piece of equipment with specific maintenance requirements.

  2. I mean as I said, that knowledge level required for fixing stuff and just generally knowing how the systems work on a physical level

  3. Me who gets a different result on each MBTI test and eventually makes the site crash:

  4. The only letter I've never gotten is J. I've cycled through all the other letters at different points in time

  5. Well my choice is toilet paper or the timer, so my next question is- when the timer becomes alive does it get fleshy or remain solid?

  6. I visited your post and literally thought "Whoa" after seeing the first picture. This is 100% honest from my side. You absolutely aren't a 4/10, don't listen to these people! They are insecure, as others have said

  7. So the difference can be so big?? Then how can we trust score from only one test?

  8. Did you ever post to science, IQ, intp or autism related subs? Bc that's how the creator finds people

  9. It definitely is on the rise, yeah. The causes? Probably that as everyone else said, the access to books and education got easier nowadays, so lots of people might start believing that school is actually a waste of time, in one way or another. We have also opened up to so many other possibilities to make a living that do not involve going to college. These possibilities may often be praised over going to college because that is something that sticks out from the generally accepted norm. It can also lead to anti-intellectualism because many like to think that education somehow "gets in the way" of achieving stuff.

  10. There are a lot of INTJs here as well, myself included.

  11. C could be correct if the 3-armed figure only had 1 arm pointing downwards in the picture (since we'd have to rotate it 2 times either to the left or to the right, and then its part that's currently facing upward would start facing downwards). But in the picture, it has 2 arms pointing downwards. So basically, it's in such a position as if we wouldn't tilt it at all.

  12. Ngl I sometimes am guilty of assuming the other side is mad because of only responding with "Yes" myself

  13. I think a some people get frustrated because the Ashbie character is a white woman or enby whereas the creature is more universal.

  14. For me it is also that the creature is just more universal. Like Ashbie has a whole backstory written for her and everything (even very specific special interests), while we do not know much about the autism creature so more people can project into it

  15. I did not post to any intp subreddits at all before lol. They probably found me either via cognitivetesting, mensa or gifted. Or a subreddit related to Aspergers.

  16. i agree with you. im just saying I think I was chosen because I'm in the intp subreddit and so are the mods so their script picked me up

  17. Ngl I kinda want the train. Too bad my birthday was yesterday and not today.

  18. I recall something about Shiromi bullying stray cats (something about putting bows on them and then throwing them away?). The other one though is definitely Ayano

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