1. I know it was for plot but those closed blinds really wouldn't matter

  2. Not strictly an acronym, but I always have to remind myself that "smh" doesn't mean "suck my helmet".

  3. Some of us still cling to a definition of "acronym" as an initialism that's pronounced as a word rather than as its letters, though the distinction is being eroded.

  4. Ah Okay thanks. English isn’t my first language so in that case what would you call “smh”? An abbreviation?

  5. Imagine the design process that ended with someone drawing the tiles like that. Must have been fun to work on this show

  6. I beat my housemates to the bathroom by setting my alarm to 05:57

  7. I used to do this a lot until I got into the habit of never setting the alarm at fixed times (like 6:00 or 6:30). Now even though I don’t need to beat anyone to the bathroom anymore, my alarm list is all 6:26, 6:57, 7:03, 7:18 etc. It’s a slippery slope.

  8. They’re not all active. I often have to wake up at different times, but they stay in the list

  9. I didn’t initially realise that this episode is a full reference to the Ken Burns documentary about the civil war. I’m glad I ended up making the connection to be able to appreciate the true brilliance of the episode

  10. Gum replaces the dentist for her. With sitcoms it’s almost ALWAYS the simplest answer lol. I mean the whole point of them is to be silly. So you were right originally. 🫡

  11. We always laugh at that scene. There would be no need to call an ambulance for kidney stones, especially with Claire there. Just get him to the car and drive to the hospital/urgent care. But it is TV, so makes for a better story.

  12. I did also wonder why Claire wouldn’t just drive him but maybe the issue was she couldn’t get him downstairs as he was not really able to walk

  13. It probably also had to do with the fact that she wanted to see the firemen

  14. I mean yeaah.. i guess, because it’s a tv show but if it wasn’t, it would be very risky for a wife to delay getting her husband life saving help just to see the firemen. But it is a tv show so that motivation probably checks out

  15. What makes Principal Brown the funniest side character for me is that I didn’t expect him to be that funny, he kept surprising me.

  16. Kinda but not exactly the same spot. I saw this in the same documentary where they talked about the ladder. Some historians actually agree that there was an area where executions took place and close by there was an area with a lot of stoney-cave things and that it was likely for the executed people to just be laid there.

  17. I guess it was put back in its original position so technically doesn’t count as being moved. In any case I think it’s pretty cool it stayed almost in the same position that long (if that year is accurate)

  18. One thing that always bugged me is, for a scientist, who are usually very very clever, David keeps saying Minsk is in Russia. It's the capital city of Belarus, it's not even in Russia.

  19. Eastern european here - I’m pretty sure the confusion came from the fact that Belarus used to be part of the USSR up until 1991 (not too long before FRIENDS started). The USSR (aka the Soviet Union) I suspect might have been wrongly referred to as “Russia” because their headquarters were in Moscow and most administrative things happened there. David was still very much incorrect but this is my guess as to why, hope that makes sense

  20. Yeah that makes sense. Maybe the script writer just referred to it the way you stated. I get how someone could get that wrong in the early to mid 90s. It HAD just changed it's name a few years earlier. I guess it just so happens to sound strange because they make a scientist say it in show. Obviously Hank Azaria just did his part and read it.

  21. Yeah exactly, it was still pretty fresh. But I still think you were right and a scientist would likely be up to date with those changes. And Hank Azaria was great overall, no complaints

  22. Now this will be negative again apologies but here’s my theory: the Game of thrones effect - the show was super engaging and high quality for the first 3-4 seasons, we fell in love with it, we joined the subreddit to share our love but then the rest of the show, while still funny, it didn’t offer us good closure on story lines and character development which makes us pick it apart. We fell in love too early and got our hearts broken, that’s what happened I think.

  23. Is this actually based on real data? Would be cool to know how it was done, it’s interesting

  24. When did chandler mention getting bit by a peacock? That’s hilarious

  25. It’s mentioned 2x, both in season 1. When phoebe lists things she heard about last. And then at a party (possibly new years party) Chandler talks to a girl and looks like he was ending a story with “… and then the peacock bit me!”

  26. The fact that he needs to ask his supporters to take a shower is more telling than anything.

  27. It has only just properly sunk in that Terry is carrying a grown woman with ONE ARM.

  28. I had an awful bout of sneezing whilst I was using the self checkout at the supermarket: sneeze-sneeze-beep-sneeze-beep for 5 minutes(!)

  29. Sorry to hear that but it sounds a little funny too, I hope that’s allowed

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