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  1. All the shady car rental places, got it. I used them all at least once and honestly thought the car selection sucked and the hidden expensive car insurance fees that can't be done online. You expect one car and you getbthere and get a 4 door sedan but nothing like you thought.

  2. I find it hard to believe that these are just some ordinary Chinese children and this kind of thing is the norm over there. They're prolly part of some special kind of young sports program or something?

  3. idk about this one but I did the one with the balls bouncing switching in a circle thing. Its not that hard, you just get a rhythm going

  4. Usb4 allows 250w with the latest iteration. That would suffice for all but the highest end 3070s-3080s-3080Ti laptops that require 300+ watts.

  5. I personally hate the weapons box on all of them, especially the F22

  6. same but when you line up right behind them, get the perfect angle and slap half the enemy team, the 8AAM 👌

  7. I remember Joe saying to Brendan schuab if there’s no possible way youre getting to the top, then you should quit while youre ahead. Kevin is awesome but lets be real he would have ended up an entertaining gatekeeper for the middleweight division.

  8. Imagine spending your free time graffitiing the inside of a sewer…

  9. Honestly i thought it was pretty cool in my town. Shit down there never gets erased so generations of teenagers leave their mark

  10. It’s not fake, but you can’t just turn him on, point to an obstacle course and expect him to move like american ninja through it.

  11. yeah when he says pakour is scripted… its not really how that works. You practice the individual moves, yes, but you adapt those moves to the environment that you’re in. AI is still lightyears away of achieving something like that

  12. I dont give 2 shits about companies selling my data. They just use it to push ads on me that I wont buy anyway, and if I don’t want something I do on the internet seen, I just fire up Tor browser

  13. Get something with railgun or long range missles and this mission becomes a cinch

  14. Its probably nothing but this comment can age like milk. Credit suisse…. these guys have been getting hammered left and right. They lost ~5bn dollars because of the Archegos disaster (a rouge hedge fund that was lying to its counterparties), and shut down its prime brokerage arm. Investment banking revenues across the entire industry have taken a beating. IB revenues are down like 50-60% all across the street because deal flow is highly dependent on interest rates. Its also rumored that Credit Suisse has underwritten some bad deals that they won’t get their money back for. This has caused Credit Suisse’s stock to drop to around $3.90 and their credit default swap spreads to rise to 2.5%, which more or less means the credit market believes there’s a 2.5% chance of credit suisse defaulting within the next year. These European banks are very highly leveraged and that’s why they always seem to be teetering whenever an economic event happens.

  15. You say you like it and lots of people do but you post it on stupid food… am i missing something?

  16. I'm gonna respond to this since it seems earnest--they probably meant no connection as in no dealer.

  17. Nope, i really thing, death of characters and whole story make better impact. If they "somehow" resurrect them, i think, imaginary season 2, will be a little too much of fanservice and not that much interesting and never make same emotions.

  18. agree, not every show should get a second season. Just the satisfaction of a complete story

  19. you’re right I should be able to own a C-RAM in my backyard. The fact that I can’t is an abomination and an infringement upon my rights that I can’t defend myself and my property against mortar shells and rockets.

  20. Jokes aside (assuming you're joking), that would be pretty cool. Just have a radar system to predict it's trajectory and impact site and a control center to fire the missiles.

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