crochet sweater and hat i made for my rat

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I needed this today


  2. if you cant open the link for some reason, please follow the link in my instagram bio

  3. Awww adorable l ♥️ your very talented to be able to make that 👍

  4. omg the rats and sweaters r so cute!! how do you get them to stay in them? i made sweaters for my girls and they wriggled out 👹

  5. thank you🥰 i dressed him just twice for the pictures, first time he was sleepy and second time he was eating yummy baby food😄rats dont need clothes😊

  6. He is the most cutest thing I’ve seen sense 2018!

  7. I don't know what I prefer, the girl or the hat. But actually I like the whole, the whole composition. Change nothing! :-D The hat, the girl, the look (eyes), the makeup, the static mouth, the shirt, the hair.

  8. Your hat looks great but it would look better if you weren't so pretty!

  9. SO CUTE! I love the sweater and also your rat hes adorable

  10. aww your story is sooo sweet🥹🥹🥹 thank you for making my day❤️ i wish rats lived forever its so hurt to lose them😞

  11. Haha you're so nice responding kindly to my ravings 😁 You must love Jerry so much and I'm sorry he's your last one and you're going through the health problems. Gotta enjoy what you can as they age! And that includes adorable knitted outfits for sure.

  12. yes i do but not posted yet. im planning to post it on 200 followers on my instagram, cause now im not sure if someones need it😅

  13. thank you! im thinking to make a pattern for this because the only one i found on the internet was knitted and i cant knit😅 its a bit hard cause i have to find out how to change sizes for different rats but ill definitely do it! please follow my instagram page i will post it there for sure💖

  14. Thanks bro! I doub’t that because I hardly have a squad mates :( Might go for dominator also and then who knows what the future holds, conqueror is a dream for sure!

  15. Play COD and battlefield like a real man… Pubg is basically dead

  16. This is so cute! I think you should add your etsy in your bio, it might drive up sales because this is so cute!

  17. My granddaughter (12) is learning to crochet, I think she would like your hat, quite a bit.

  18. So pretty! I’m a crochet newbie and I loved this pattern! Haven’t made a hat yet but I loved this one! Do you happen to have the pattern or video for this?

  19. thank you💞💞i dont! but you can find any beanie tutorial on youtube and bunny ears thats not hard❤️

  20. just be patient while learning and it will get better and better💕💕

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