Elon Musk Declares war on Apple. Puts!

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  1. You’re chasing the wrong clients. You’ll never be paid much for YouTube shorts, no matter what “extra value” you think you’re going to give them.

  2. “Here’s our room full of lawyers. And here’s the building where we keep all our money. Now, we’re not going to have any problems are we? Good”

  3. No, because the Law provides private property rights to everyone. Congress cannot make a law which legalizes murder, as that violates the Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty, etc. The process for changing the Constitution is way more involved than just writing a law.

  4. This is the case for every democracy in the world. The UK is not a republic but that doesn’t mean parliament can pass any law it wants, those laws still have to be legal. There’s a Supreme Court that has the final say on what’s legal and what isn’t. That court is further bound by international law on the rights of citizens and if the government denies citizens those rights they get penalized by every other country in the form of sanctions.

  5. > KC3000 PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD (around 7000mbs read and write) as well as make this my cache drive.

  6. why do you want to live in Midtown? As residential neighborhoods go, it's one of the worst in the city

  7. Thank you for pointing that out, I had no idea. Where would you recommend I live if I work near flatiron building? I was thinking midtown since I wanted a short commute and an easy time exploring the city

  8. What part of the city do you want to explore? Midtown is for tourists, residents usually avoid it unless it’s for work, there’s nothing appealing there.

  9. I have no idea what he means either. A Gradient Map is a black to white gradient to control filter application. How does video look "raw"? does he mean ungraded? Either way, I think you should stop listening to him ;-)

  10. I want the person who made that timeline put on trial for a war crime.

  11. just looking at those timeline pics people post makes me wanna punch babies. How the hell does anyone work like that?

  12. I usually do this by having a well organized comp without a ton of layers

  13. Elon wants people to be able to sell items right on twitter without paying Apple 30% fee which is not going to happen. He probably thinking if he throws enough temper tantrums it will change or something and he will find out that it is not going to happen.

  14. you can sell physical items through your app without paying the 30% fee. Literally every shopping app does this

  15. Worked out fine for them last time when the government bailed them out with taxpayer money

  16. Not to mention the “Cybertruck” has been teased by Musky since, what, ‘19 or ‘20 and STILL hasn’t rolled a foot closer to production and 3 other electric trucks have hit the market (Rivian, Ford Lightning and GM’s Hummer).

  17. They still haven’t explained how that rigid, bullet-proof stainless steel body is going to make it through crash safety tests. One high speed collision and they’ll be cleaning what’s left of the occupants off the dashboard with a sponge

  18. There isn’t a war. Elon is like the 8yr old yelling insults from across the street and Apple is the adult completely ignoring them.

  19. You mean like that time he was fired as chairman of Tesla because he manipulated the stock price to make a weed joke? Or that time he claimed he was building a hyperloop in Vegas and just built a 1 mile tunnel to drive Teslas through and they couldn’t even do that on self drive? Or the Cybertruck that’s probably vaporware?

  20. Bro, The Elonagator is overhauling Twitter, right? Stands to reason that he will create a payment system and also sell goods like Amazon. He wants Twitter to be the one app to rule them all. He has literally talked about WeChat in interviews and how America doesn’t have this one-stop experience. This is why the 30% is his rant target today.

  21. The “elongator” is burning through cash at a record rate, has chased off half of his ad sales by being an asshole and doesn’t seem to know the first fucking thing about running a SM company. I’d be amazed if his creditors don’t force him out within 3 months

  22. NYC isn’t a “melting pot”, it’s a mixed salad where everyone is trying to pick out the bits they don’t like.

  23. melting pot refers to diversity and immigration, not people traveling in between neighborhoods

  24. No it isn’t. A “melting pot” combines everything you put in it. People in nyc don’t want to “combine”, they just want to stick with their own

  25. No it’s absolutely not. You got scammed, any percentage of 0 is still 0

  26. Sorry to say this but you are not seeing that money. There's no suggestions we could give you to help you get that money back - you don't have a contract. Your only option is that this friend of yours decides down the line, if they even ever come back into money, to pay you back.

  27. Email chains discussing work are as legally enforceable as a formal contract.

  28. TikTok recently showed me how ridiculous it’s gotten! When we were in HS you were super extra if you had 2 flowers! 3 was unheard of and I saw these girls walk-ing around with 5+ and I was like “nooope”

  29. I’m in nyc and I have literally no idea what any of that means 😂

  30. Kind of suggests that COD players gaming with IRL friends isn’t in high demand 😂

  31. The kind of people that would get mad if you drew an attractive woman.

  32. It’s adorable when internet trolls invent imaginary enemies 😂😂😂

  33. I'm currently in Nashville, where people are living their lives as normal lol. The bars are packed, business is booming, people are communal. Some people still wear masks and no one cares. No one's giving them shit for it. The majority of the country has moved on believe it or not. It's just these ultra liberal pockets of the country like ny, California, Oregon, Washington aaaaand that's about it. Just about everywhere else has just moved on lol. It's just sad to see a city like nyc still on its knees. A city that dealt with then shook off the mob and went from "what? You're going to times Square at 3 in the afternoon?? Do you have a death wish?" To "hey, after dinner, let's take the kids to Brooklyn to do some shopping". Now you're all so scared.

  34. You sound like a fucking idiot. Don’t come here, you won’t last long. You’ll be better off in that shithole state you’re currently in

  35. It’s $60/month, I spend more than that on coffee. It’s not a case of money, it’s what you like using best

  36. I’ve billed my entire internet bill to the business every year for the last 15 years. According to my account (who’s been a practicing CPA for 30 years) if you use it even for checking work emails at home you can expense the whole bill. Same for cable, cellphone, streaming subscriptions and cinema tickets.

  37. Yeah it's proof of ownership. If someone gets the seed phrase then they own your coins.

  38. It’s amazing how people don’t think they’re responsible enough to keep a few words written on a piece of paper safe

  39. the difference is that if you owned 1% of all the farmland or houses the other 99% would drive your values up

  40. If you owned all the Bitcoin in the world, the value would default to zero then climb as people start to use it. You know there was a time when there was no crypto, right? People could mine it on their laptops and a pizza cost 100 BTC. How times change

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