The Most Technical Painting Ever, Me, Oil on Canvas, 2020

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  1. Because everyone goes and gets a cracked version and calls themself a producer after figuring out the step sequencer

  2. fr, fire ass program that just has a bad reputation cause of teenagers thinkin they're the next Tyler The Creator or some shit

  3. That made me laugh. Completely agree I love FL just gets a bad rep

  4. Neoverb drags it for me. Does Valhalla vintage verb add a lot of latency ? I think I’m gonna switch to there

  5. Just raise the volume. That’s all mastering engineers do anyways

  6. Yo I can’t put in words how bad I feel. So that’s my comment. Really sorry

  7. D minor has a sad key feel and then C major is like a happy key feel

  8. I have this plugin called Convex that multiband compresses, and has different delay settings. Try that !

  9. Good call. Haha. I’m watching some uses of the sounds on YouTube.

  10. I like it and for $30 it’s a good deal. Some of the styles are a little scratchy and tough to find the right spots to use it, but overall it’s fun to use

  11. Cimbalom because it’s so unique. Also love Percussion and Frozen Strings

  12. It was interesting information but I think these kind of woke specials are lame compared to actual (funny) comedy

  13. Or maybe you just can’t relate because you haven’t had to go through obstacles because you’re the oppressor not the oppresee

  14. I want to watch comedy and laugh, not talk about obstacles

  15. Unpopular opinion - I hate these kinds of games.

  16. I agree and I LOVED Hollow Knight. Cup head I beat the first world and I’m so stuck in the second that I’m giving up. Totally different games !

  17. Only one hour and the rest I spend producing music. Trying to practice more !

  18. I composed an OST for a game that stopped production. Does that count ?? Lol

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