1. I absolutely love how gnarly, organic and menacing it sounds. The very first second kills you with these eerie sounding bagpipes.

  2. While I prefer TBK overall for a slight bit in terms of songs, probably the fact alone that the title track The Seer exists is enough for me.

  3. Esto me recuerda que llevamos muchos años sin siquiera un terremoto sobre 8.0

  4. Y hartos sin uno superior a 7.0. El último fue un 7.6 en Diciembre 2016 en Chiloé.

  5. Curioso que serán 10 años. Pa mi que se viene el hiper mega terremoto apocalíptico que dicen que habrá en el norte.

  6. Es tema lo del posible siguente terremoto, pero seré breve. Cada zona tiene sus tiempos y ciclos sísmicos.

  7. People who do not return shopping carts to their spot

  8. I agree, it’s rly good but it would probably be my favourite song of theirs if the middle section wasn’t so drawn out

  9. Oh I absolutely love how drawn out it is. While I see why it isn't as liked, I think it does serve the purpose of being such a tiring, monster visceral piece of a track. I do really how it gets to build up again by minute 16, it really feels very heavy.

  10. Magnitude 8.8 giant earthquake waking me up at night at 03:34 am when I was 10 years old.

  11. The whole section in The Glowing Man title track from around minute 7 to 12.

  12. When the repeating chord or whatever part seems to tear itself apart at 11:25.

  13. Some Swans climaxes in their 2010s albums tend to be either incredibly heavy or just very unsettling.

  14. That part is insane. Literally insane. Makes me think a gargantuan earthquake is approaching

  15. Constantly swinging between TS / TBH / TGM and mostly Filth, Cop and The Great Annihilator

  16. I love that album so much because it has some little breather tracks in between the dark monsters. This is the reason that when the hard hitting crescendos appear they sound even heavier than usual. The whole album has simultaneously the darkest and most evil SWANS song (for me) which is 93 Ave. B. Blues, and one of the most beautiful, Song For A Warrior. That is an achievement. Also, the first half of the album is okay but the second half starting with Song For A Warrior through Avatar and Piece Of The Sky towards The Apostate is one of the best stretches in music. From beautiful sounds to absolute chaos.

  17. Beautifully put. 93 Ave. Blues is unmatched, so is the title track for me. Maybe not the most epic of the epic songs, at all, but surely the most evil sounding.

  18. I get what they were trying to achieve with 93 Ave. Blues but I find it unbearable and not in a good way. I always end up skipping it. Maybe I'll have to revisit it when I am in the mood

  19. Very reasonably. As much as I love it or get impressed by it, it's probably the last Swans song I'd play to anybody lol

  20. Con los presets. Igual se puede crear a mano, realizando ajustes cromaticos, como los tonos blancos yéndose levemente a los rosados, así como la presencia del granulado, que es clave.

  21. That's my favorite xCore track along with Hello

  22. xKore is really criminally underrated even if he flew off the radar long ago now

  23. Bachelet had more approval in 2008

  24. Right before the 27F tanked her approval, it was very, very high actually

  25. I've seen these irl. One time when a magnitude 8.8 monster earthquake hit my city (Santiago) at night. Some call them "earthquake lights".

  26. A Hanging is incredible. Top notch industrial eerie Swans

  27. Así lo grabó un conocido más arriba al entrar a la pista.

  28. Uno de los dos. 905 y 906 (?) reemplazan el puesto del Phalcon, mejor conocido como Cóndor

  29. Yo creo que nos faltan como 20 años para un terremoto mayor de 7.5 - 8, ya se liberó harta energía para el 2010. Eso sólo me lo digo a mi misma para calmarme porque puede venir uno en cualquier momento... o erupciones volcanicas, hace rato que no ha pasado una grande... ay ya me dio miedo

  30. Exactamente. A esa cercanía y profundidad alcanzó cagado de la risa la misma intensidad que el 27F en varias ciudades (VIII Mercalli)

  31. En breve parto al aeropuerto a ver el despliegue de los aviones FACh de la Parada Militar y estoy más ansioso que la cresta por ver al Sentry porfin.

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