1. I send the fox/cbs CEOs a single golden dollar every week requesting them to air the commanders games in the bmore market and when it works I use my antenna

  2. Who was crying over that? I forgot Hopkins existed.

  3. Half this sub was crying over it lol

  4. This would be more concerning if Mariota ever threw the ball. Is Holcomb coming back?

  5. I wouldn’t say scoring one TD on offense is dominant performance

  6. 245-5 yards in a half is still pretty dominant whether the tuddies came or not

  7. Bad penalty but not justified. Wasn’t malicious, face masks happen all the time. Injury wasn’t from that either imo. Just eagles bitching and moaning and the nfl pandering to them. Lame asf

  8. Upvote if you read read in the title as read

  9. Am I missing something? Did this excerpt convey any hint of Turner being considered for a HC job next year? Is there anyone talking about him as a HC?

  10. Yes sorry it was taken from an article in potential new HCs next year and this was Scott’s excerpt

  11. I totally feel what you're saying. What I've always been curious about in that aspect, is that part HIM that's not adapting, or is that a Ron thing? I get that Scott runs the offense and calls all the plays, but Ron has a ton of input on game plan and execution, Ron is the boss when it comes down to it. So who really is the reason behind this team not really being that adaptive, ya know?

  12. That’s a good point but I guess it’s hard to know lol

  13. I think the niners are a better comp of who were trying to be

  14. Any of you guys play RPGs like D&D? There is a class called the Bard. By himself he's pretty weak, he's not particularly strong in combat or anything, but he has a ton of charisma and his songs provide big time group buffs. Basically, his presence makes everyone else perform way better.

  15. Except when the bard polymorphs


  17. Try to guess which LA team is which

  18. Defense was in shambles at that point in the season, st brown was fresh and healthy, and scot sucks per usual

  19. What guys are injured in Green Bay that’s affecting the pass game?

  20. Allen Lazard is currently nursing a shoulder injury suffered this past week.

  21. I’m definitely not rooting to lose; the only caveat I have is I so desperately want Dan out that I’d take losing this year IF that increased the chances he’s gone.

  22. I saw something that said week 9/10

  23. Wow they also try to pass on 3 and 1 lol

  24. Don’t you remember that we like the guys we have?

  25. Unbiased commies fan here and the refs are shafting you guys

  26. The one the replayed and analyzed I saw nothing and that PI was nonexistent lol

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