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  1. umm excuse me bigot, its anti-latinx hate

  2. CG without the missing ticks 👌

  3. Yeah that's what happens when you make the minimum payment

  4. Ik it's become a cliche at this point but it will click for you eventually, it all comes down to muscle memory imo. Once you feel like you can anticipate where to move, when to eat, and when to switch prayers and weps you'll feel more confident. What kc are you at?

  5. Think of it as the splash zone for your impending roof collapse, pretty sure it's a mod that shows you where roofs aren't supported but could be wrong.

  6. I've seen classified documents less blocked out than this god damn.

  7. 320 total deaths involving a tesla, every one I've checked looks like a standard crash. Considering a botched toyota recall killed 56 I think I'd go with the tesla.

  8. Right? Like, "hit that random dick and fulfill your duties as a woman" /s.

  9. This is definitely something only said to women by other women

  10. Don't worry I think Abrams can still run for the president of earth 🤣

  11. These have to be bots right, no real person could come to the conclusion that Biden has actually done a good job as president right????

  12. These are the same people crying about mean tweets right?

  13. Would you rather have an 80% chance of dying in the next 9 years and be able to catch and transmit COVID or be just as likely, if not less due to negative efficacy, to spread COVID and not risk a 20% survival rate, tough choice 🤔

  14. My stats after 4 months :3 (Literally, I checked)

  15. I thought all the unvaccinated died last year 😡

  16. I like how they took a "conspiracy theory" and just tacked vaccines onto it and it's now the science.

  17. Guess their progressive utopia Canada is racist then 😔

  18. I don't think asking reddit to be your therapist will make things any better.

  19. No, that's not how it happens. No one minds villains that are trans. You just can't portray trans people as evil because they are trans. MR. Robot's main villian is a trans women and it doesn't go "trans people bad"

  20. How come people were outraged that the Jeffery Dahmer documentary on netflix was labelled lgbtq then?

  21. Do the pfaithful have covid sight powers that allow them to see the deadly virus enter their system? That's the only way she could know exactly where she got it from 🤔

  22. Looks like Niantic chose trick instead of treat this year 😔

  23. So by the same logic it would be righteous for us to kill them too right?

  24. Getting economics majors away from capitalism is like getting Biden away from sniffing little girls, it'll never happen...

  25. For me it's definitely "mage phase" on zulrah, I hate how it's pure RNG if you get smacked back to back 40s but I get why it's like that.

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