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  1. https://twitter.com/ryancohen/status/1486867794650087427?s=46&t=Pf-J8M1TEwQlkgJwYlzR9A

  2. I'm not the authority, the Constitution is. It's not closed minded to understand the steps needed to alter or repeal a Constitutional right. Sorry it upsets you.

  3. Second strawman, or maybe third. I’m not upset. Have a nice day with your masturbation.

  4. Do you understand what a strawman argument even is?

  5. One of the creators of fortnight commented in their conference last week that they are dedicated to an open metaverse. BTW I wonder when GameStop NFT market Place comes out of beta?

  6. She just said dumb money is smarter than smart money. Daaaaaaamn!

  7. I wager that TradFi is rife with everything that Sam is on trial for already. He didn’t make all of this shit up on his own.

  8. BA is working on Fidelity, so maybe Yahoo just sucks

  9. Today is T+2 from one of the most bullish options expiries I can remember. I wonder if it will be spicy? Happy TUESDAY!

  10. I guess we know why they filed on Friday for that emergency meeting to retain outside counsel?

  11. US regulators add more viagra to their never ending hard on to fuck crypto.

  12. CDS data is being removed from certain banks for some reason. Not sure why.

  13. Fuck walled gardens, the future is OPEN 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Reminds me of the days of custom servers in Counter-Strike:Source, Team Fortress 2, and Garry's Mod. Empowering anyone to create game modes, mods, and worlds is huge in my opinion. It creates for some of the most thriving communities ever. The only comparable thing we have today is Roblox, which is targeting young kids. This is a huge step in the right direction for gaming. Coupled with all the new features of Unreal Engine 5 (Lumen, Nanite, etc).... I would absolutely LOVE to see GameStop partnered with Epic Games. Power to the creators! Power to the players!

  15. Totally agree. FWIW my 12-year-old told me the way Roblox monetizes creators is completely predatory. He’s gonna LOVE this!

  16. He didn't say there was a limit. He's providing a frame of reference of previous price point so people don't lose perspective about the price recovering a bit.

  17. That said, it’s good to remind apes not to anchor

  18. I bought 9459 shares via Fidelity limit order on Monday. I did not specify an exchange. FWIW, the order was broken into three lots. 6978, 2381, and 100 shares each. Was surprised to see even one round lot.

  19. Bwahahahaha no takie backsies UBS, welcome to your new nightmare! Lolol

  20. Who is she & why's she getting exposure a lot recently?

  21. She ran a decent sized investment portfolio before and now has been building a financial media company. I like her commentary on macro. I believe she is also a Canadian like our chair man.

  22. Lots of federal credit unions HQed in VA too

  23. Not defending KPMG or SVB, but I would think they weren’t auditing for the ability to support $42B in withdrawals in a single day. What’s that, 21%? Could it be a coordinated run to attack crypto?

  24. Lets ban humans, that way we know there will be no twerking /s

  25. The fence is typically installed just inside the property line, not directly on it.

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