1. Do you need a bigger sample than 3k hands? How new are you to this sub, or is this just a low budget troll? Of course you need more hands, like a lot more. Ten times more at the minimum.

  2. It's almost entirely super sweaty, and generally not worth doing. You get about 25 minerals a few seconds quicker. It's never going to make a difference, unless you are at the absolute highest level, and even then it's minimal. Fuck it up, and you are now behind by about the same, depending on how badly you fuck it up.

  3. Are you looking for a pure in-game HUD, or stat tracking? PT4 is the best for the latter, but given the anonymity of Ignition, it’s not entirely useful for an in-game HUD. Plus, it doesn’t support Zone, so you’d have to download your HHs after your session and upload them to PT4 if that’s what you play.

  4. PT4 with the Ignition hand grabber works on Zone for Ignition, you just have to enable a setting somewhere, I'd have to look it up. I use PT4 with Ignition, and I never have to download HH.

  5. Only a solver will give you precise answer

  6. No, it isn't. You'd have to know their ranges first, which isn't going to happen. A solver is only as good as it's inputs, and we have none here. That's the entire point of OP's question...

  7. You node lock the different donking scenarios you want to try and see how the solver reacts. So yes only a solver will give you a precise answer + it teaches you how a “balanced” donk is contructed. I don’t know why people are downvoting

  8. Because you are suggesting the only real way to exploit 1/3 donking is by using a solver, which is somewhat absurd. There are no balanced donking ranges on high card boards for the blinds. The villains are not playing balanced, and we shouldn't be either. A solver isn't what is needed here, and that's why you are getting down voted.

  9. Absolutely 4-bet pre, especially when OOP to the 3-bet.

  10. So OP is just supposed to know villain's hand then? How are we supposed to magically know we are behind in the flop? This comment makes zero sense and offers no help.

  11. I did not read your wall of text whatsoever, but the answer to your main question is: you should fold here with a relatively high frequency, especially at lower stakes.

  12. Yes I'm learning that check raise on turn should not be overlooked. The wall of text was just me trying to justify why I thought he was just playing loose and betting/shoving on anything and would bluff with air. I thought that was reasonable during the hand, but now that I am getting feedback from others it's pretty clear to me this should have been a very easy fold. Man, this game hurts my brain haha

  13. Haha, well you might be inflicting a bit of that upon yourself. It seems like you are overthinking/leveling yourself, esp at low stakes. It takes a long time to get a solid read on someone, and most plays/players are more straightforward than you would think.

  14. The app/software fucking blows, but it's hard to pass up on what is probably the single softest online pool.

  15. It shows it in game when you mouse over the recipe. Im not on my computer right now, so I double checked it on the wiki.

  16. It takes 5 seconds to make a red science, and .5 second to make a gear. So, in the time it takes to make one red science, you can make 10 gears, meaning one gear assembler can supply 10 red science.

  17. This is a joke, right? You might be in the category of 'too much' if you were... About ten times higher in your 3-bet stat.

  18. Muriatic acid, sold at basically any hardware store. I usually find it in the painting/stripping section.

  19. Aluminum generally doesn’t break down quickly in acids. Caustic is far more effective. Like NaOH aka sodium hydroxide.

  20. Muriatic acid works and easily eats the aluminum. Speed is irrelevant anyway. If it's really bad, just let it soak overnight, and you'll have a perfectly clean end mill in the morning when you come in.

  21. Completely agree regarding BTN straddle. If it's allowed do it but in the long run it destroys games by tightening up the rest of the table.

  22. I mean... if you like a three blind structure, then you do you, but none of this changes the facts of my original statement. Being in a third blind is -EV. If the whole table isn't doing it, then it's even worse. I'm all for people straddling if they want to. There's also nothing inherently wrong with being a nit. Play the game how you want.

  23. Of course posting a blind is -EV for that hand. But encouraging action in a game is +EV and creating a game structure that nits hate but action players love is +EV in the long run and good for the long term health of poker.

  24. Play more tables. Less likely to make punty plays when you see more hands per hour, imo.

  25. Imagine thinking battling for each pot you're in to be a bad thing. Hilarious.

  26. Smart when you have some young lag players at your table. Kids trying to muscle the pots they are in, thats the real laughing stock of the poker world. Im going to coin in YMT. Young man testosterone

  27. Aggression wins pots, plain and simple.

  28. What in the world did I just read.... This article feels like it was written by a improperly coded AI. It's absolutely incoherent, literally repeats text in places, and grammar/formatting are jacked up.

  29. Tons of great channels. Some of my highlights are: Brad Owen, Mariano, Crush Live Poker, Jonathan Little, Guerilla Poker, Alvin Teaches Poker

  30. I don't get it. It seems like these are two separate videos because he didn't react whatsoever to the crash, and he was extra late on hitting the estop. Is that supposed to be the joke here?

  31. Another check-raise 'to see where you're at'..... How did that go for you?

  32. How can it be that low? There's no way. i would think the number would have to be closer to 40%

  33. How could it possibly be that high? You really think almost half of all players are winning? The commonly thrown around number is 10%, and it's probably even lower than that.

  34. Pure 3-bet imo, but I would size up a bit (4x minimum). I think your analysis is pretty spot on. No worse kings raise, AK might show up every now and then, and there's very little 4x in villain's 3-bet calling range. This seems like a flush most of the time at NL10.

  35. I think the preflop call is fine since you are already guaranteed heads up like you said.

  36. This is probably the most convoluted way to track chips that I could imagine, and the most convoluted way to tell this story. Why are you using software for this? Just count your chips before you hand them over to the cage, and make sure they come up with the same amount. Easy, simple, reliable, FREE. If it's between the cage making a miscount or you messing something up, I'm going to go with user error here.

  37. C-bet 2/3 pot vs a normal stack. You can afford to check behind the flop here because villain is short stacked and you can still get all the money in by the river. You would be checking: for 'deception', to let them catch up, to let them bluff, etc.

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