1. This lady really just puts words together and says: "Hey, this is a sentence! Lets post it!"

  2. Yeah but you're the one who's dumb and petty SO THERE.

  3. Gotta lower your expectations around here. Any sort of meaningful discussion is almost impossible now.

  4. Can he actually hold on to a ball? I kinda figured his fingers don't operate anymore.

  5. If it doesn't move its probably dead and if it's already dead you don't need to kill it

  6. The paragraph above the picture of Hockenson is cut off I believe

  7. I don't get why they want to shut down a perfectly functional albeit dated game for one that is completely dysfunctional and looks horrendous.

  8. Ptcgo doesnt look any better than live. Facts.

  9. It does though because it's not completely full of wasted space and other garbage

  10. Not at all, this happens all the time on reddit, it's common to say "today, yesterday/etc" but plenty is older, was this in daily news or events?

  11. This photo is very recognizable only if you memorize twitter memes, it's hardly worth mentioning to normal people.

  12. Feels strange to have two bonuses that work the whole time then one that only works for 30 minutes of the day. I feel the daily incense bonus should be longer, or at least usable twice a day.

  13. That's why it gets extra ultra balls

  14. We should get the other teams drunk and make them trade their picks to us for plushies

  15. If you can't separate "liking" somebody from paying them an appropriate salary/compensation, then you don't belong in a capitalist society that assumes consumers are logical. (obviously an untrue assumption from the beginning anyway)

  16. Literally all these guys would be a massive upgrade over Okudah. How anyone can be ok with guaranteeing this below average CB this kind of money is just plain ignorant.

  17. The people are suggesting he needs to be signed to the option now really don't understand anything about the salary cap or economics or hell math.

  18. there's a good thread in this sub that covers all the details

  19. I'd say I was more excited about last year's draft but now I'm finally excited (really excited) about the next season.

  20. Are we supposed to complain about not having every new shadow already?

  21. Oh yeah sure just ignore all that gambling money pouring in >.>

  22. Call the place a complain if they handed it to me like that.

  23. Get yourself 2 kyogres and call it a day

  24. I honestly think a low-graphics mode (or just finer grain control over animations / effects) could go a long way especially on lower end hardware.

  25. Or just get rid of the thing that literally no one wants and serves no purpose other than wasting resources...

  26. Read the thread about it. It's the one that should have been pinned but wasn't.

  27. Seriously, they chose March Madness weekend for March's CD?

  28. March madness is crap you don't need to watch 2 hours of a 1 seed beating a middle school team anymore than you need to spend all 3 hours so you can catch 50 shinies

  29. What on earth are these other events?

  30. There's a pvp battle day and one of those research days

  31. There are a lot of mixed race protagonists but it's usually not much of any emphasis since most main characters evolve beyond basic humans

  32. It's kind of more of a high school drama than cultivation novel but it's not bad if you like both.

  33. It's at least as impressive as doing it in glitter and underwear

  34. People care about being part of a social group than making logical spending decisions. People are not logical, this is the fundamental error with capitalism.

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