Trees and mega bombs

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USA Fanta vs UK Fanta

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[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Q&A/Tips - Ask away!

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  1. I find lowering the price of things helps to increase reputation. Especially if you only have one objective I sharply decrease them and then once I get objective put it back to normal

  2. You are correct in this, but I think for this particular level, prices did not matter. I tried changing everything to the lowest price. I am getting revenue/money from public targets, so patients are not my source of income.

  3. Ah damn I always find people love the low prices thought it would have worked regardless

  4. It's amazing how much Amongus and a pokeball happen to go together

  5. I start from the my top unlocked skill and after one lesson move to the next available until I run out/bored/run out of hearts. So I could have 4 on the go or sometimes 6 different levels. Everyday I start on my recent non maxed skill until I max it, so I slowly move my way down the tree that way.

  6. My Boyfriend does this on our multilayer farm everytime he knows we are resetting the day

  7. Haven is a womans centre you can try and contact. Maybe worth contacting the police as well? The local police will know the local shelters and its always good to get stuff on file

  8. Where I used to work I would get American tourists ask for the lemon fanta (I'm from the UK) and I'd always have to hand them the bottle and get them tk read that it says orange because they never believed when I said the only fanta we has was orange because it looked so pale to them

  9. Switch — the little placement squares are red when I try it, always thought I had to craft it into something else but doesn’t seem to be that way.

  10. I can't remember it exactly but I know it's A or Y to place things. I know for the tables and such you have to be standing next to the for it to work. If you struggle to place items (especially placing stuff on walls) you can use the cursor by moving the left joy stick and again pressing A or Y. That should work for you.

  11. Thanks, I’ll try again next time I get my hands on one! I can decorate fine, but sometimes I struggle to put stuff on tables, I assumed it was a weird “some tables can have stuff on them but others cant” thing but maybe I haven’t tried standing next to them lol.

  12. I know vases and stuff can be placed on you tables but I dunno why it would work for ya, I hope it does work for you!

  13. Fast track option on Train all GPs in as much GP level as you can Don't expand unless they tell you. Don't even build pharmacy until you get a patient who needs it. I find the moment you buy another plot your patient numbers always increase. So only expand as you need things. I'd start off the a reception, GP, staff room, toilet and training room. Also don't hire any one till you get patients. I let the game play and sometimes people don't turn up till 25th Jan!

  14. This is just the message they display when someone storms out a lot of the time. In Topless Mountain, I’d have someone who is diagnosed 100%, sent to surgery and treated and cured, but if they’re unhappy, they will then rage quit and it comes up saying they’ve given up waiting for new diagnosis rooms. I think they just forgot to differentiate and put in a new message

  15. Ah okay, I was thinking it was something like that. Thank you!

  16. Everything in this video is fucking top tier

  17. I fucking adore the anteater villagers and they don't deserve the hate

  18. If you are going to go to HR the more evidence you have the better. HR really take action when it looks like there is evidence against the company forcing them to mediate.

  19. That's so kind of you! I eventually got one but thank you!

  20. I know it's no comfort, but we've all been there. your chances increase if you add a second profile but it's a pain playing to just to get diys. it took me two years and countless hours of balloon farming to get all the good, festive, mush, cherry, etc., diys. that's the one I wanted most and I almost cried when I finally got it.

  21. Any good cataloging apps/websites? Particularly those that you don't have to do manually?

  22. So It looks like you can get two random gyroid spawns after it rains! If you go to a Kappn island with rain, it will have a full Gyroid and a Gyroid fragment spawn too!

  23. You can get a full one? I've only ever seen fragments on kappn island

  24. Yep! It has to be raining on the Kappn island and a full gyroid will be buried plus the regular fragment!

  25. Oh okay good I thought I'd missed out on some gyroids 😂

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