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  1. Never seen a thermistor too short for ender 3 yet too long for sprite, but I think it might be a thermistor for a different family of ender , e.g. cr-30 or creality's core xy printer. Not familiar with anything other than the ender 3 v2 though so can't say for sure

  2. I wish it was for a different model, because then id have an answer. But no, i checked the website and this is apparently compatible with a V2

  3. Thanks and how do I know tahat the belts are thight enough?

  4. I have beef patties for Jesse and Steve. They make nice eggs

  5. You almost fooled me, but i can tell this is just a drawing

  6. I remind myself that most emotions are completely normal and healthy. Sadness is not a bad thing, it’s arguably necessary. The only bad part is how you react and how you treat your sadness.

  7. A few minutes into any print, an error occurs. Print stops, loud constant beep, and a message on the screen saying nozzle temp is too low.

  8. No one can stop me from building a team full of Maushold

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