Mohsen Shekari was a 23 years old Iranian and LOVED gaming. He worked in a cafe. His cellmate in Evin prison says Mohsen would talk about gaming and tell him stories from God of War till mornings. His crime was blocking a road and protesting for the most basic human rights. Mohsen was executed today

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  1. Springfield bjj is the best jiu-jitsu in Springfield. I've been there 10 years. We clean up at all the agfs. We have world champs, pans Champs, and consistent instruction from high level people. We also routinely host seminars with Caio, Yuri, wiltse, and all kinds of other high level jiu jitsu guys. If you wanna do some punchy stuff, fight club, but if you want to get good at specifically jiu jiu-jitsu, its the best spot

  2. 10 years, wow! That's fantastic. You must truly be a skilled practitioner.

  3. Haha I'm alright. A brown belt under Brian Stuebner. Definitely taught me a thing or 3

  4. Very easy setup with our app SignalRGB actually. Here's a tutorial if you're curious about what that looks like:

  5. Ah yes, I knew this has to be an ad for something. It’s too well-produced and too god damned expensive for a normal person lol. Not that I necessarily care; at least you’re not fairly expensive transparent about it.

  6. I work in the middle of BFE and after my shift it was foggy and looked like silent hill lol

  7. Not at all, what do you mean? I trim them literally once a week on Friday while I sit in my car (because I can easily stand up when I get out and get rid of the clippings). It takes me maybe 5’ish minutes to trim my nails; I spend the least amount of time possible to do what I feel like is a good job.

  8. I'm just projecting my own compulsion is all! Finally quit chewing them, but keep them trimmed way too short and way too frequently.

  9. Ah, I see lol. Well, not chewing them is a great move I think; I don’t chew mine and never have so I don’t have that struggle. I do like to play with my beard though and have broken some hairs in half lmao. But yeah, I just trim mine once a week; seems like the perfect frequency to me. And I do trim mine relatively short when I do - probably about to the length you see here.

  10. Find something you enjoy doing that involves other people (either directly or indirectly) and do it! I don’t mean to sound trite but that’s a great way to meet other people AND you’ll have a shared interest.

  11. The only exception is if you are in the left lane actively passing slower traffic on the right, and intend to get back in the right lane when it is safe.

  12. Yes; it grinds my gears when I’m passing someone at a reasonable rate of speed and some dumb fuck gets right on my ass despite this. And not only that but I won’t immediately change lanes in front of someone when I’m done passing them; I’ll wait until I’m at least 3’ish car lengths ahead of them for safety’s sake, and so they won’t feel like I’m cutting them off. But people don’t even think about this shit; it doesn’t even cross their mind. It’s hard for me to believe the degree to which people don’t think, in general. But it is what it is so I can’t get too mad at someone who’s simply following their nature lol.

  13. Local churches are a good way to get closer to God and find community at the same time. Always my recommendation. I could go to a church event every night of the week if I liked getting out of the house

  14. Despite that fact that I’m not religious I can’t help but agree; if church is palatable then it’s truly one of the best ways to meet new people, and even to be part of a community.

  15. Thank you for all the recommendations! I'll definitely check them out. I installed meet up just today and hoping to get somewhere with it. I'm from southeast asia but currently trying to learn Spanish. Would be nice to check out the Latino social events too.

  16. That’s awesome. Funnily enough I started learning Spanish, myself, because of the friends I’ve made at a local Mexican restaurant I love going to. How’s it going?

  17. I agree lol; I do not like the way Leong’s does it, but that’s just me

  18. Hong Kong Inn is the most representative of Springfield cashew chicken. It's the quintessential version.

  19. Dude, have you had Cashew Station on Battlefield? Shit is legit. Love their sweet and sour

  20. Ok thank you! I’d always heard it but never knew.

  21. Right, it’s essentially “how to be saved” that it’s referring to. If you’ve “heard the gospel” then you’ve heard how to be saved, presumably.

  22. Well, of course. My point is that if we take the position that God is this merciless moral arbiter willing to eternally punish people for walking on the grass, we get all kinds of weird consequences and moral paradoxes.

  23. It can also be avoided if we disregard the Bible as a source of absolute truth lol

  24. Not sure where it originated, to be honest I may not be using it correctly, but here I am using it to wish his soul to a better place then here.

  25. I think you used it just fine. If my understanding is correct, it would mean that you’re essentially wishing his soul safe travels into the next life.

  26. Not for me, I'm on PC and all my settings are maxed out and it still looks like launch day. Am I doing something wrong?

  27. I wish it looked the same as it did on launch if it meant the gameplay was more engaging : /

  28. And he's just going to leave without saying a word ?!

  29. What’s he supposed to say? “El psy congroo”??

  30. That is because it is hilariously up yourself. The "Rise and grind" crown have to keep reminding everyone how cool they think they are for fear that everyone will find out that there is nothing remotely interesting or engaging about them or their lives.

  31. But this guy was literally grinding; maybe he has a hyper advanced sense of humor that we’re just not ready for..

  32. "mentally ill" were the words uttered from my mouth as I watched the video; glad to see them justified here

  33. Then you know these are not new, or knee-jerk reactions.

  34. If by “they” you mean AA/AMC, don’t you think it might be a little presumptuous to assume that? We have no clue what the fuck is going on behind the scenes. I would tend to think there are good reasons why AMC isn’t pursuing some kind of legal action against these misrepresentations.

  35. if this would not exist.. i would use mine.. but like this its laying in the corner.. the hair tickeling me while playing and its impossible to remove them.

  36. I've heard guys say there are two kinds of climbers. The old and the bold.

  37. Is the implication that bold climbers don’t make it to old age?

  38. It's most unlikely definitely but I wouldn't say impossible. People can do some crazy things.

  39. The level of dexterity and control exhibited, and the complexity of the combo, just defies all logic if we’re to believe that they learned this in the first week of pen spinning. But I’m willing to entertain the chance this person is the .001% exception to the rule lol.

  40. You're the GOAT if you learned that in a week with no prior pen spinning experience, I'm very impressed if true

  41. Agreed, he's a fantastic actor. When I first saw him in Voyager I remember thinking that must be kind of lame to have such an insignificant role; what an ignorant opinion that was. I truly could not conceive of how such a character might be used as the series went on; he was easily one of my favorite characters.

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