1. Kingpin. Even when he doesn't trigger the threat is big enough to cause the opponent to play sub optimally.

  2. It would absolutely create another boom and create an easier game online again. I live in Illinois and so many of my non gambling friends are suddenly addicted to sports betting now. Why? It was legalized a couple years ago. Now they are flooded with predatory ads and promos everywhere they look. Now they can install an app and deposit with PayPal and start gambling in minutes.

  3. Illinois has a bill it just hasn't gone anywhere yet. Pokerfuse did a good write up on it:

  4. America is virtually impossible to invade. We are blessed with, probably, the best overall geography in the world. We have the worlds most powerful navy defending 2 ocean moats and we are resource self sufficient. You can't land a force on our shores and you can't put us under siege by cutting off our resources.

  5. Neither did like anyone in any country.

  6. Lies! Everyone knows Siam is the best location in the world to occupy.

  7. In general the depth of story from a book will be far, far deeper than what you get from a movie or game.

  8. If you admit you've earned it, maybe you're not the one to instruct others.

  9. Oddest thing, I forgot to feed it for a week and somehow it died.

  10. Well, balance needs to be a thing in the relationship. You can't just ignore your partner.

  11. My point is, I think a person who is awful enough to leave their partner who had dementia just didn't care about that person enough in the first place. I think it has more to do with the individual and less to do with the relationship style.

  12. Is that the worst thing ever that someone disagrees with you and says why? "Judgemental language" is such a soft term and has no place in this debate. I think it's a selfish lifestyle. I am judging it.

  13. Well, how many middle of the road female athletes have transitioned and then dominated in male sports? How many middle of the road male athletes have transitioned and dominated female sports? We don't need science for this one, just common sense. There is no reason to debate; you won't find a good faith argument from anyone saying there isn't an advantage to being male.

  14. There are times when frozen pizza is better than pizzeria. Digiorno sucks though.

  15. Brush a little garlic butter on the crust before you bake it. It really gives the usual bland frozen pizza crust a great flavor.

  16. That's my beef with Digiorno. The crust is too fluffy and flavorless. Maybe with garlic it would be good, but I have other brands that need no envelopment.

  17. The Midwest doesn’t get occasional snow. It’s like this for a good 6-9 months out of the year. The people there get way too comfortable with it and drive like absolute morons in dangerous road conditions.

  18. It's not snowy 6-9 months of the year, but yes, we get used to these conditions. People either drive 20 mph when there's a light dusting of snow, or continue at normal speed and tailgate until they get "unlucky" and hit an ice patch and rear end someone.

  19. Why is there an Organic Chemistry class needed? Does normal Chemistry not bring any of that stuff?

  20. What makes the code base, architecture, and API garbage? If you had the time to redesign the CMS based on WordPress, what changes would you make? Are there other CMS's you prefer?

  21. Joomla is a bit of a learning curve and worse documentation, but the latest version, 4, uses a lot more modern design patterns and is far better than WordPress from the developer side. For non programmers WordPress will still be preferred.

  22. Velus Jones. Man has only been in the league one year and is already in his prime.

  23. Jakobi Meyers: Could get a Christian Kirk-type contract this offseason. Get in before his value rises. Bad offense obscuring his dynasty value. Averaged more than seven targets per game over the past two seasons, and fwiw that's more than Kirk was averaging before he got his Jaguars deal last offseason.

  24. Meyers is a Kirk Cousins type of player that will never get any love his whole career, but put up solid numbers.

  25. And yet my life hasn't changed except food costing more. This is a dramatic take and I know tons of Americans who talk like life is so hard here, but I know them personally and they are full of it.

  26. The overarching goal of the mainstream media is to push left wing agendas, including banning guns. The easiest target is the larger guns that are used in mass shootings. They can say "why do they need such big guns?" while preying on the dramatic tragedy.

  27. Watch the news in Chicago and you will see that a good percentage of the murders are not of gang members but people caught in the crossfire.

  28. Players complaining about drawing pool 5 cards and not being high enough collection level to make decks with them.

  29. Why are there so many posts about trans and changing your sex? Its getting weird.

  30. Just play. Snap when you're ahead and if they retreat you win it.

  31. No, because Yondu says "remove" and it still counts for Death's effect

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