1. MacBeth Studio in downtown Orlando. Jim and his team are great.

  2. Is Ariel flaring her lat in her front post? Something just looks off. I love her physique and think she has that it factor! I think she needs to come in tighter and maybe tweak her front pose a bit?

  3. Ariel is gorgeous. I love her physique. Some posing tweaks would help balance her look, since she looks slightly top-heavy (like a figure athlete from 15 years ago).

  4. Maybe rent a black suit for a competition… before committing to custom-ordering and buying a suit?

  5. So excited to see Janet Layug, Jen Ronzitti, Erin Stern, Jessica Wilson and India Paulino hit the stage. Love seeing ladies with such longevity in the sport.

  6. No. Men’s Classic Bodybuilding 2027, not Men’s Physique until 2032.

  7. He was also wearing Ray-Bans for a while, which aren't just $10 cheapies.

  8. Britt looks so good!!! And Elizaveta and Maia! Whose all the way to the right?

  9. I think it’s Lesley Billups, but I could be wrong.

  10. Really hoping India wins this. I met her at Europa Orlando in 2016 and she was unbelievably sweet. I love to see women who take years off and come back better than ever after having kids (like India and Liz Yisrael). The stage is always there, and athletes like India and Liz show that it’s okay to take a break from the stage to nurture other parts of your life.

  11. Daraja Hill and Evan Wells have talked about their usage on the Pro Physique Code podcast. If it helps you reduce stress and if you do it before bed to help you get better sleep (thus avoiding the munchies), then it could be beneficial.

  12. Victoire and Ali really intrigue me, since I love African and Middle Eastern cuisine and they both seem extremely accomplished.

  13. Oh gosh! I've been waiting for them to go to Washington, NC (Little Washington, as us North Carolinians call it). But I assumed it would be for this story, due to the weird D&D element:

  14. Currently playlist is a mix of DMX, DJ Khaled, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kanye, Mystikal, Biggie and 2CELLOS.

  15. I just started this season today. Has Jackson been on anything else? He looks so familiar to me and it’s driving me mad.

  16. A blogger or podcaster referred to him as Napoleon Dynamite, and now I can’t unsee it. Maybe it was the Watch What Crappens podcasters?

  17. I thought I would compete again soon after having kids, but now that I have an 18-month-old, my mindset has shifted regarding discretionary spending and my allocation of time. Competing is pretty expensive… and those dollars could go toward my family’s future or special experiences that the family can share together.

  18. Love Bruna’s look! She’s probably a heavy favorite coming in to this.

  19. Ivanna is probably the heavy favorite to win this, with Jodie, Jordan and Anya in the top 5. I’d love to see Anya win this.

  20. Season 17’s Restaurant Wars makes me so happy. I love an underdog story. Gregory was absolutely brilliant and selected a team that really helped his vision shine. The Malarkey pick was pure TV gold.

  21. Finally! She looked phenomenal today. So bubbly.

  22. The list was updated about a week ago, so Daraja and Shelby aren’t reflected as “qualified” just yet.

  23. How many of the top points getters go to the Olympia? And I don’t see Jordan Brannon on there. How many points does she have? I figured she’d be in the mix. Is it because of the tiers of shows she’s done?

  24. The list hasn't been updated in about a week, so the points list and qualified list are a little off. Daraja and Shelby qualified over the weekend, and other athletes snagged some points.

  25. I think the judges are looking for conditioning and overall shape (the balanced x-frame). A little quad is nice and adds to the athletic look that the judges want to see in the IFBB.

  26. Yay! Daraja is going back to the O! What a beautiful top 5. And such a strong field outside the top 5 as well. Very tough show.

  27. Same! Plus the new job’s pay. I didn’t know copywriters could make that much in a full-time role.

  28. They can make much more than that if they focus on digital and UX copywriting, especially in LA and the Bay Area.

  29. Daraja. She looks the most balanced and seemed to hold center while other athletes were moved around her. My eye keeps gravitating toward her.

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