1. What is so amazing about him? I see him on almost every sub and im not even Czech.

  2. Interesting since she and Harry are over. She’s probably regretting a lot of her choices running after a child and leaving her family behind.

  3. I've tried to like this dress but I just can't. I don't like it and the transformation is awkward.

  4. That's gross. I guess you can't do anything about the sleep or the bathroom, but other than that, say something next time he does that. Just say you find it nasty. Sure, it's natural, but also, no one needs to be rude and purposely do that in front of someone else.

  5. I don't know if she herself knows what it is, but her social media team clearly doesn't lol.

  6. he has video and email evidence of her abuse.

  7. This might seem like a dumb question but let's say you're in that parking lot that's about to get hit... what are you supposed to do? Hang on to that fence and hope you can hold your breath? Or is it basically kiss your ass goodbye time? I know high ground is your best bet, but do you have any chance of survival against that on foot??

  8. I've seen this video and there is nothing anyone could do if they were in that parking lot! I think there were a bunch of people on a roof taking these shots.

  9. Well, if there was any doubt whether or not she has breast implants....

  10. I was looking for this comment lol. I LOVED that show, it was hilarious.

  11. I've never heard of these before but they actually sound really good.

  12. I'm broke so yes but I'd be shaking and throwing up.

  13. This is so much of my ex-husband. he would talk about the "fights" we would get into that would last for hours and in my head, I'm thinking, "fights??? I didn't say a word!" He would talk for hours AT me, and I would just sit there. If I spoke up even the smallest amount, that would add on another half hour of his ranting.

  14. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Napoleon Dynamite. Office Space. While You Were Sleeping. What's Up Doc.

  15. I served for years and never had a problem with families with young children. They were usually always nice and tipped just fine. Teens on the other hand, rarely ever tipped and could be extremely irritating.

  16. I'd love to actually see a clever comeback in this sub, just once.

  17. tbf, my daughter is 8 and will try to go without a coat/gloves/hat/boots all the time. She never seems cold. I still make her wear them, though.

  18. Ashlee Simpson dyed her hair brown, she's naturally a blonde. Same with Nicky Hilton. Lindsay Lohan is a redhead. And Miley Cyrus dyed her hair blonde. Other than that, yeah, spot on lmao.

  19. Aw, Britney's makes me kinda sad reading it now. The worst part of being famous is being away from her family and the best moment being when her little sister was born. :( She really valued them and they threw her to the wolves.

  20. Anyone else here an old millennial? I remember teen mags with like JTT, Andrew Keagan, Devon Sawa, Christina Ricci, Eddie Furlong, TLC, Spice Girls, etc. Anyone else?

  21. Yup, Brad Renfro too! Remember Tom and Huck? I loved that movie.

  22. I don't know. I liked the book. Sorry you didn't!

  23. I believe they're real, but I also believe that it's not a very passionate or exciting relationship. I also think that Taylor specifically wanted that, after some of the craziness of her past relationships. He is content to exist mostly as just "her boyfriend" and she likes that. He's just a blank slate: a blandly good looking man without much of a personality, but he seems nice enough.

  24. You don't have sex, there's no affection, she won't let you kiss her, she won't have a conversation with you, she won't say she loves, you don't have girlfriend lmao. You have a roommate. I didn't check your ages at first and just assumed you were about 21. And you're almost 30?? This isn't normal, and I'm just shocked that you are unaware that isn't how relationships go.

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