1. So... any updates on the transplant, everything growing well?

  2. Yup totally agree with you. And frankly they gave me some luxury with the food breaks with him during the surgery and so on. He speaks perfect English as well. I felt I am working with a pro for sure.

  3. Thanks for the reply, but what about post up? Like the days or weeks after the surgery?

  4. You do not look bad one bit, but I do have to say that your previous look was not shabby at all either. I mean yes, you had the usual balding spots, but you rocked a nice vibe. I think you can postpone the complete shave off thing for a while still. My 2 cents. :)

  5. Man, I rarely feel the need to comment around here, buy seriously, great decision, you rock! I will not lie, it gives you a slightly more mature look, but it just feels right. So no need to feel shy about anything!

  6. So I tried the MS launcher. I turned on badges in the settings and... nothing. It shows only one badge and that is on the google app. No messages badges (those atleast worked on asus launcher apart from ig), no mail badges (outlook or gmail).

  7. Yes, very weird stuff, that I do not like one bit.

  8. I think it is Android 12 thing. Notifications counter badges only for messages and such. You can try different launcher. There it should work.

  9. I followed your advice, which I thank you for btw, and I went and installed Microsoft Launcher and all of a sudden everything seemed to work, all badges were in place. I did a restart, and everything went to crap. It even started behaving even more weirdly than the Asus Launcher.

  10. Yes, i would say same. My issue is not that i want things to move fast paced (at all), but i am dating with intent. I like my life as is, but i’d also like someone to share it with. So for example, when i match with someone online, id like to meet up irl after abt one-two wks of chit chat, to get a better idea, and then maybe start meeting on a weekly or biweekly basis for a while, to see if there’s something there. I find that even this is too much, though the person would have said that they are looking for something similar.

  11. Whenever I (36M) hear this "dating with intent" thing, I just want to run or crawl up back into my cave. To be clear, I am not bothered by the relationship bit, having it spelled out in one's profile is very much welcome (especially since I am in principle also interested in that), but just leave it there and try not to bring it up anymore.

  12. Oh yeah, I saw Linus assemble the early production model. I didn't know they had a model with a clear side panel, thanks!

  13. Linus? Are you sure? Maybe you are confusing it with some Sliger model. Because if so, I am certain the product's webiste would have mentioned that. I mean this is made by an sff enthusiast from Thailand...

  14. Subjectively you say this is a quiet build, but in general what is the rpm of those fans during gaming?

  15. Yes, density seems very appropriate given the scalp area that needs to be covered. Also you are planning some extra transplants to also cover your crown area, so you need to protect your donor area, which btw also looks very healthy and rich still.

  16. I would say you look just terriffic so there is no need for a HT, especially considering that you are too young to know how fast your hair loss will progress. So playing safe with the donor area is what I would recommend and therefore psotpone the HT until you really need it.

  17. How was your overall experience at this clinic? Was the surgeon involved or did the technicians do most of the job? Is the place clean, does it look professional... etc.?

  18. Hi, it was technicians. No doctor was involved at all. The place was very clean. I’d say about 2 other people where getting a HT the same day as I was. Very low key spot and professional staff. They explained everything every step of the way issuing a translator and I felt comfortable the entire time. Hope that answers your questions.

  19. Cheating on you with his own sister, now that would have been a mindblowing story...

  20. I am also considering doing a transplant here. It is not the cheapest, but for a surgery like this I need to know I made the best decision, and so far this doctor seems to be the most trustworthy out of the many Istanbul clinics that I researched. Very little marketing fluff.

  21. Gecko XL v2 and Mechanic Master C28 are slightly smaller Nr200 look alikes (sort of) that can accommodate micro atx boards.

  22. So to me it sounds like when you turn up the power draw or oc the card, you’ll get higher power draw. If you are worried about your psu being okay always count on the high end of power draw because you don’t wanna be capping or getting close to capping out your psu

  23. Nope, not worried about anything. I just want to know how the card behaves in real life, outside reviewers' testbeds. Take it as an intellectual curiosity.

  24. Well you do not have to necessarily go for z series boards, unless you are into overclocking. That being said, the most decent non z mobo for itx is probably

  25. In the EU, the cheapest RTX 3070 is somewhere around 720-750$. You guys have it really good over there in the US (when it comes to GPU prices at least).

  26. I have heard it was tough to get a good deal on a GPU over there. Hopefully prices come down soon for you too.

  27. That's the thing, they already HAVE!! :(

  28. As an air cooling fan, I would recommend the Noctua C14s cpu cooler. See

  29. My experience with a decent vented panel (large holes that are a little too far apart) has been as follows:

  30. Super useful stuff, thank you. But just to be clear, your NF-A9x14 experience referred to the 12mm clearance situation, right?

  31. Looks cool, link to somewhere where we check the specs? (volume size, pc parts compatibility...)

  32. I think it will be able to handle with no problem. And do make sure to keep us informed about temps and your experiences once you assemble the system.

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