1. It was built as five pieces in my garage shop then I leveled them and fixed them to the wall. Face frame was installed in place and scribed cut and flush routered to get a clean fit.

  2. Quite the work for beginner woodworking. Beautiful work. Really looks perfect. Tops are beautiful.

  3. Thanks. Started by building cabinets to redo my kitchen, learned most things from YouTube University. Getting better, at least better at covering up my mistakes.

  4. All private float-only, no? I caught my PB after hiking in from the dam.

  5. Public access from Green Mountain, got to belay/drop your raft off a cliff.

  6. LPT: When parking your bike leave the front derailleur in low and your back derailleur in high. This will keep the springs in them to have less stress and last longer and keep their tension.

  7. Flown multiple times with bike and camping gear. When touring I go to a neighborhood bike shop for a box, I often call in advance and ask them to keep all the padding and fork spacers from a new build. When you arrive at the airport your ready to go, I did it at the Seattle airport and road out the terminal. Most airlines charge around a hundred dollars for a bike, which is much cheaper then other options. But I would check on the airline website, Southwest use to allow it as one of your free checked bags.

  8. Handful of change once and a beer bottle.

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