1. Sol flower deer valley only has white truffle. This stuff is Stanky!!!!!

  2. 3 Bears OG x Toof Decay...Smell is very strong. Just cracking a jar smells up a room.

  3. what type of smell? just popped this freebie. how’s it hittin?

  4. beautiful to see. would you care to share what you are researching and developing?

  5. First grow harvested! Thank you for all the support! Really couldn’t have done it without all the knowledge freely available on here and the friendly growmies giving great advice! Grown in coco using autopots, canna coco nutrients. Chopped on day 100. Stunted them a bit to begin with but they recovered and did awesome. One pheno was super vanilla smelling. Turned most of the harvest into bubble hash rosin (first time doing that as well!) which is damn amazing. Popped some forgotten cookies today.

  6. my first seed mutated. haven’t started a second. never had a spontaneous mutation like this before.

  7. might be time for water? soil looks kinda dry from pic. how dry is it?

  8. Ignore the autos in the corner. They are doing their own thing. Still on 18/6 light schedule.

  9. bro u gotta mix the green and red sauce together. it’s amazing 🔥

  10. Thanks. Only about 2 more days left til she's finished curing 🙌🏾. Smells super dank! Can't wait to break into that 1st nug 🤤😤

  11. haven’t heard of them till today. looks like they got some amazing stuff

  12. My tap water is so hard you can cut it with a razor blade. In my aquariums I have a bunch of rotting wood and decaying plant matter and it ultimately buffers out to being slightly acidic. Same thing in my soil mix, I've got sulfur, various rock dusts, ground up crustacean shells, peat - it's buffering in every direction.

  13. i kinda want an aquarium just to help my plants grow but then i know im gonna fall in love with both 😂

  14. Aquariums are a good hobby if you prefer plants to fish. It's absolutey zero work to keep a 55-gallon tank with pool filter sand, a dozen cory catfish, a dozen neon tetras, and a ton of plants. You don't even do water changes, you just top up the water and drop in some Hikari food pellets every-other day.

  15. I grow in soil and I never ph. I leave the water in a bucket for usually a day to air out, get the chlorine out and get to room temp.

  16. I have well water and it's always been the same. We had a bad drought this year and it apparently fucked my shit up lol. I think growing in soil is what masked it for so long.

  17. yea the soil will buffer that pH for a bit, but after awhile will change.

  18. what’s the pH of your tap water? mines 8.4 which is extremely high.

  19. Wow looks chonky! How’s the smell

  20. every picture i see of purple pope looks amazing. nice lineup growmie

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