1. There are many reasons to hate The Game but this isn't one of them

  2. Basically a guarantee we see Gus at some point, wonder what other BCS characters could appear. Maybe the DA agent Hank will have a bigger role?

  3. i think his sidekick "gomey" will be more involved than him.

  4. depends on the day tbh on sight is my number 1 all time listened to siong on spotify but new tank is 3rd

  5. i think this episode had layers. walts anger with the business guy goes deeper. overall with him formerly having no control in his former life but now he has no fear.

  6. Based but my dick looks sleeker than yours pilled. #noregrets #foregoneskin

  7. 808s and heartbreak during quarantine

  8. No one ever goes swimming in the White family pool (Skyler’s suicidal dip doesn't count). It's New Mexico (presumably hot most of the year) and they have a teenage son who has friends, at least one pool party would have made it more realistic.

  9. bro wants nigga to screenshot on xbox

  10. I mean, if you're tking often enough to get this, that's kinda on you. It isn't hard to not friendly fire.

  11. Honestly at that point you deserve the penalty. You have to be BAD bad tk that often

  12. pretty cool minus the not dropping yandhi part and the controversial moments.

  13. might as well put miles bridges or chris breezy on a ps5 controller

  14. Embiid is #1 for me. But it's "sports hate" not real hate.

  15. i hate a few players for real. Kobe, karl malone to name just 2

  16. thank god you don't make these decisions then. needs to be silver or black (only a few times a year) and never blue.

  17. yall focus on useless stuff that dont matter yall must be so miserably

  18. this is why we dont get new content

  19. a new nickname is new content? lol i rather focus on more important stuff then a nickname. you telling me if you had to choose between better AI mechanics or a custom nickname for mycareer content? you choosing a nickname

  20. no that attitude you have is why we get nothing

  21. radio hits liek on the local station ive never heard anything other than heartless

  22. srry i live in butfuckno where goddamn

  23. i rooted for walt i rooted for light maybe im a phycopath or sumthing idk

  24. Show us your buns then if you gonna hate, POST UP. NOW!

  25. Who the heck is downvoting this?! I don’t approve of Clinton but… it’s just facts

  26. i could probably fuck u in the bussy short ass nigga

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