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  1. Correction: she only eats black guys

  2. Don’t worry, the floor is glitching

  3. It is pretty wild that the drivers are allowed to even play a soccer match a few days before the race.

  4. I guess reserve drivers need an opportunity to shine 🤷

  5. It is a good video and awesome channel, but people in this community are too sensitive

  6. Yuki was 20 and had only done a single season in both F2 and F3 after coming from Japanese F4. The expectations were totally different compared to a 28 year old who spent 8 years in the European feeder series system, 3 years in Formula E and has been around as a development/reserve driver for years. I don’t think it’s really a fair comparison, Nyck should’ve been much more prepared than Yuki.

  7. Emolga is a flying squirrel not a Colugos

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