Before and after leg lengthening.

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  1. As a former NYer who just spent the week in Brooklyn, this feels very untrue. Everyone in NY tries hard to stand out. No one in Baltimore tries at anything. I see very little eccentricity in this coty beyond the odd schizos

  2. Right, they don’t try they just are; so they don’t have to try.

  3. I said this the last time this quote got posted here, but why not say it again: My favorite John Waters quote about Baltimore is the difference between New York and Baltimore is that New York is full of normal people who think they're weird and Baltimore is full of weird people who think they're normal.

  4. I bet it is but who tf sits down and is like “I would love to make a movie about a lady that eats aborted fetuses… wait….

  5. “If you gain weight after you have liposuction, the way your body stores the fat and the fat’s distribution throughout your body will be different than it was before. Fat cells do not regenerate in the area where liposuction is done, nor do they move to another area of the body. But, because there are a limited number of fat cells where your body can store new fat, if you gain weight, some areas may get bigger than during previous weight gain, therefore giving an appearance of the fat moving.”

  6. But not my chin? Ok I’m good then.

  7. Oh I’m dying to get chin lipo lol I’m jealous of her right now

  8. Wait wait I HATE James but you all were complaining that he said he never takes a vacation while traveling the world and now you see him working on his travels and you don’t like it what do you want

  9. Exactly. If he works it’s a problem. If he doesn’t work, it’s a problem. He’s insufferable, but sometimes people will criticize every little thing just for the sake of it. If she wants to have girls night because he as to work, so be it.

  10. Because they mean nothing in other countries.

  11. Because FIFA will never not suck Brazil’s dick.

  12. ItIf it’s kill or be killed then sure. If I can escape with my family, then I would not.

  13. Yeah because I want to listen to this uneducated monkey talk about our bodies and our issues. God she really is a moron.

  14. I am shocked (and happy/proud)at how much of a hard time Russia has had with them.

  15. Him and Sean Penn have that tough guy bullshit persona that does nothing for them. It just makes them come off as nothing more than insecure.

  16. Sean Penn tough? Where? He's a spineless little twat. He used an actress to get close to El Chapo, only to abandon her once he got what he needed and left her exposed and risked her life. All because he manipulated her and made her think they were friends, so he could get his story on El Chapo. I seriously hate him and could not care less if something happens to him.

  17. Lol did you see that clip when he met Zelensky? He legit gave him his Oscar as a good luck charm. Zelensky was just starring at him like “wtf? I need tanks mother fucker”. Literally the most narcissistic shit I have ever seen.

  18. well... I mean... someone got shot... and the situation got resolved... just not in the way that one expects.

  19. What a lovely spot! Is this Mt. Vernon?

  20. ye just as creepy as the women that encourage minor girls to pursue onlyfans when they turn 18 cuz “empowerment” corny ass logic

  21. Yeah, that is so weird. I don't get it. But today's world is all about easy money.

  22. As a Ravens fan, I am really happy for the Bengals. Especially after how much class they showed during the Hamlin incident.

  23. North is an equal blend of Kim and Kanye, don’t see Kourtney

  24. North's smile is similar to Kourtney's, it's normal to look a bit like your uncles/aunts, especially if they look like your parents.

  25. Lol what? He lost me at the awful tattoos, but the expletive-laden nonsensical caption didn’t help matters.

  26. Shannon should try to get with this dude after Shames eventually implodes, but something tells me this dude likes his partners to be naturally kinder and with more depth/less bullshit.

  27. Yeah from what I’ve seen from him, he seems to be a quality human who likes quality people.

  28. Lmaoooooo. Rain said “because, fuck you! Thats why!”

  29. Incredible, but i’ve heard this type of surgery is horrifically painful

  30. Are you the real life “Player X” from Molly’s Game?

  31. Of course he won’t answer this question. I’ve heard he’s even worse irl, unfortunately. Which is disappointing. Tobey, if you see this, I hope you’ve grown out of that nonsense behavior.

  32. He isn’t as in shape as someone with an online fitness coaching business should be.

  33. https://giphy.com/gifs/tODygE8KCqBzy

  34. She’s the only YouTuber I genuinely like. I remember her initial days when she would talk about her money struggles and was not ashamed of it, so I’m happy she got with a man who had the same goals and that loves her properly and that now is able to provide after years of her being the main provider.

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