Barr Says Trump Will Destroy GOP If He Loses 2024 Nomination

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  1. On this note I'm wondering about hospital patients with mild dementia or acute delirium and their hallucinations. I work on a surgical ward where the average age is 80+. Of course you have patients that have severe dementia and are totally unable to engage and unaware of their surroundings. However, there are many that are more lucid, just with poor short term memory or an acute delirium, who describe hallucinations I and staff can't see as if they are real - and have a totally normal conversation with you otherwise, aware of where they are etc. Note that these patients are in fact on very little analgesia (typically paracetamol or very small doses of morphine on request)

  2. When my father was dying and gesturing to the end of the bed in conversation, my cousin said Ah, He’s talking to the little people! This was normal to her, a nurse. He seemed delighted.

  3. I've had so many conversations about this with people who are now my financial peers. I grew up below the poverty line and then ended up an engineer thanks to the *magic* of the GI Bill, so I'm basically upper-middle whatever now. The thing that surprised me more than anything else once I got here was that people who were born into this socioeconomic class honest to god think they worked hard and earned it.

  4. Yes when poor cash is what you need, advice not so much

  5. At this late point in my life, with all the stuff that is being reported as happening over the past few years ... to quote The Mummy ... " after what I've seen .. I'm willing to go on a little faith, here "

  6. Jesus taught me about the simulation. I feel so much more hopeful!

  7. I hope you still have them both and can add a pic to your post (upload to imgur and edit your op with the link and the pic will display w your post)

  8. Cesarian or not, mother's from the region will experience sham pain.

  9. Also, the research into power generation, power storage, carbon (and phosphorus, and oxygen, and nitrogen) sequestration and recycling, material recycling, water purification and geoengineering that will be required to build and maintain a lunar colony may well result in innovations that have a far greater benefit in the long run when it comes to feeding and housing people on Earth than it would have just spending the same amount of money on rice to donate to homeless shelters.

  10. Yeah that’s probably it, it was pretty dark and late. I wasn’t conciously tired but maybe my brain was sleepy.

  11. How sleepy were you? Have you ever hallucinated before? Cuz it sounds like a super freaky event.

  12. Much better to be drunk and high all the time when you have shelter and a shitter

  13. Once i got a ride from a fellow named John to an interview with another fellow named John. I so wish they had met because while definitely odd looking compared to most other people, these two guys were identical to each other. If I didn’t know better i’d have insisted they were one and the same person.

  14. yesss and five minutes at that! it was really fucking scary man. i am still having a hard time trying to rationalise the experience. i tried asking a few people if they experienced anything weird 6.18 PM but nobody said they did. one of my friends thinks i blacked out for a while. my other friend is joking around and saying that i entered some sort of portal through which i shifted my reality - explaining further why my roommate was so shocked to see me - because she's my roommate in another reality. i don't know the feasibility to all this but it's interesting to think about, i guess.

  15. A woman who helped me my mom in her last years, who changed bandages daily for years to save my mom’s legs from amputation, whose conduct was nothing but calm and kind, was an undocumented immigrant who had walked across the desert when she was 14 with her brother who was 12. They made it and i am so grateful.

  16. When i was a little ass kid when gas was less than a buck a gallon, my dad showed me four c-notes he got for selling a car. They looked pretty small to me so i asked if I could have one

  17. Just don’t mistake “credit” for “money” bc i did that and now half my meager amount of money goes toward paying the interest

  18. I guess that one of the points that they're missing that you and I probably both understand is that "everything adds up".

  19. What if the bully is my mother who I currently rely on for a good chunk of my wellbeing and who I usually have an okay enough relationship with but not always

  20. When you can’t change the relationship (she is your mother) you can change your response. I learned this from an interesting book called how to change toxic relationships. It’s about you growing within the relationship so you don’t get so caught up in the drama.

  21. Publicly sharing to the world video that was not recorded in landscape mode.

  22. I've seen articles like this before, but the problem is I think most people do not know what their values are.

  23. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and they only studied women’s issues and ignored the dick

  24. It's almost like the entire point of a government is to track and preempt societal issues like this through legislation and policymaking rather than using those tools to increase corporate profits at any cost.

  25. Isn’t this being done in Europe? I am from US, please forgive my ignorance

  26. I think this came up in conversation, briefly. We talked about so much that morning. That's another subject I know very little about.

  27. Wasn’t until I got a dog that I really realized how intelligent they were. It’s incredible really. Then I did shrooms for my PTSD and am almost convinced even trees have feelings

  28. Ooh when i did shrooms I learned trees are people too

  29. Go ask straight dudes how many bros they've fucked.

  30. Yeah cuz I’m not a dude! And not a bro neither, guy

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