Protesters in Key West today (OC)

For an especially amazing showing.

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  1. I mean its almost as if it might have been a skit

  2. This seems a bit...creepy of a breakdown

  3. You just used a fallacy argument called "Appeal to motive", be careful with that. I clearly stated the definition I use for what a child is, not having started your puberty.

  4. So, by your definition, you should be allowed to have sex with an 11 year old since they have started puberty.

  5. Where is my sentence saying "You should be able to have sex with anyone who isn't a child" ?

  6. A child is a person under the age of adulthood, which is 18. You are saying this woman isn't a pedophile because she had sex with someone who has had puberty which to you means they are not a child anymore

  7. I enjoy my characters, yeah, but won't lie being called a "fella" instantly made me want to throw up, as well as brought on anxiety snd depression...

  8. It's a number 1 contenders match

  9. Not unexpected..thats a train toilet

  10. The whole yeah crap is just trying to make him stone cold with the "what"

  11. Motorcycle man appears to be going the same pace as traffic. Doesn’t seem like he’s speeding and he’s only doing 80

  12. Going same pace as traffic doesn't mean not speeding

  13. okay - but there is no evidence of speeding in this clip, is his point

  14. The sign is State Road 84 existing to Weston, that particular road appears in Flordia. In the state of Florida alone, that road speed limit is 65mph. The speedometer on the bike was at 80 most of the clip, which, by law, could he considered wreckless driving

  15. She raped a child, this isn't a joke

  16. Nah, I'm more content in my medical and science courses. This is not a scientific study. The data is just a correlation, and beyond that, these people all got a say on if they were circumcised or not and were not newborn infants who have no choice in the matter

  17. You shouldn't be content because you're wrong. You can't just ignore statistics. It's a pillar of your "medical and science courses"

  18. And once again, what you are presenting is NOT SCIENTIFIC ANYTHING. It a correlation of two unrelated things that show no verifiable link between them.

  19. The officers are both fired and charged with murder. The whole reason for the protests with Floyd was because his murder was still working and free

  20. Well seeing as how the ref stopped counting even though Roman was still down, KO should have won in that last man standing match

  21. I mean, Olde Boy got that on camera, so the driver is gonna be forking some money over

  22. No romance... what you mean, I can force my underage character to torture and murder people, but I can not force them to have sex... $10 says no romance because Rowling didn't want to include homosexual and bisexual romance into it.

  23. Something something...incel logic..something something..woke liberals..something something...the damned LGBTQ...something something darkside

  24. Why do those pigs feel they need to harass people, what if that person was being forced to go to work, or had to check family, or had a fucking emergency

  25. Also the mom of the girl he first harassed commented saying this fucker is known to do this and has been reported by multiple different stores

  26. I would sit right there and call the district manager and explain that you are refusing to serve this mobile order because the customer is blatantly rude

  27. Well I mean they want it to taste like the boot leather they are used to licking

  28. What in the 21 jump street is this

  29. Haha that reminds me of when I lived across from a party apartment (college area) they would get the whole complex together and throw big organized parties and had stuff like this happen

  30. 50 shades is NOT bdsm, 50 shades is abuse and rape

  31. YTA, you didn't tell her you are too old to sit on your lap. You told her she is too old for affection

  32. The funny thing, The Green and Brown M&Ms used to be male, and now they are female... They already had trans m&ms

  33. If he could only keep his mouth shut and not express wishes to rape female wrestlers

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