1. Terrorizing jews, the entire country of Israel is built on terrorism against Palestinian people and the Arab nations around it.

  2. Ywbta. Comming from someone with autism you are trying to diagnose someone with no medical experience based on stereotypes

  3. Germany simply can't resist supporting Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.

  4. Which is why Isreal started by using nazis to help them commit acts of terrorism. Also why the Israeli prime minister said he didn't believe Hitler wanted to kill all the Jewish people

  5. These are children committing crimes, enabled by a government that pays them to hurt Israeli citizens. Also there’s no evidence that the idf is raping Palestinians. The IDF is one of the most scrutinized security forces in the world, by so many watchdog groups and international communities.

  6. Yeah the evil crime of being Palestinian...you have got to be fucking kidding me, there is loads of evidence. Also, Isreal isn't being watched, and if they were, they have proven they do not care about the groups.

  7. “Loads of evidence” doesn’t provide a single one. Would be nice considering I keep hearing about this evidence. But every-time I track it down it turns out to be misrepresented or straight up bullshit

  8. I have provided them in other comments, but once again it is clear you don't care. You just love the fact Palestinian kids and babies are being murdered and you side with the largest terrorist organization in Israel

  9. So this is literally a Jewish person siding with Hitler...

  10. He is assaulting them not harassing them..that is assault and battery

  11. Lesson is don’t fuck with Israel. No gaslighting about facts. They don’t play around if get at them expect a world of pain in response. I don’t see any other way to deter all their hostile neighbors other than overwhelming response. Hamas could just surrender and end the whole mess. But they won’t.

  12. Israel was formed in 1948 through acts of terrorism and stealing the homes and lands of the Palestinian people. Israel has employed nazi soldiers to help them with their terrorism as well as routinely kidnapps children, throwing them into military jails to be tortured and raped. They specifically target innocent citizens, mostly kids with assault and murder

  13. It’s the other way around but whatever let people be stupid I guess. Talk about actual gas lighting

  14. No it isn't but nice try admitting you buy into the propaganda of Israel the biggest terrorist organization on earth

  15. When has any form of tropical punch been blue?

  16. The label says tropical punch, tropical punch has always been red

  17. Hey op, you forgot to block the name in crybabies reply tweet

  18. People who sexualize any aspect of abdl, or agre regress

  19. Over property rights and access to hunting? Yes I can. Don't fuck with a man's food, family, or property.

  20. It isn't his property the bow hunter has permission from the real owner and land survey lines to know were the property ends

  21. What is that guy doing on his property?

  22. Talk to your HR that is by definition making a hostile work environment

  23. The acclaimed did not sexually assault a woman on a plane did they

  24. It is verified by Hamas themselves. Are you truly this committed to propping up terrorism in order to further Islamaphobia and antisemitism, or are you ever going to provide any proof for your wild claims, but the rocket going off around 6 o clock were just imaginary? Kindly stand outside and wait for the blessings from your friends.

  25. Applauding criminals, the isreali government are the criminals. Where is your proof of anything you claim because history has shown time and time again that since 1948 when the European Jewish community invaded Palestine to "form Israel" they have been the terrorist. Hell they hired and housed nazis to help them with their terrorist attacks. They have violated human rights for decades. They kidnap, torture, and rape Palestinian CHILDREN just for being palestinian

  26. I mean, looking outside is the proof, and your inability to even understand what Judaism is borders on insanity. Just know that we will not go quiet into that good night and will rage against the dying of the light.

  27. So you tired to find real proof and couldn't because you know Israel is the terrorist nation...

  28. So, WWE will be happy for 6 years and enjoy unprecedented success with Punk? That's what Hogan did for WCW.

  29. Nah Punk will get injured in after a few matches again and then cry and bitch while trying to attack younger talent

  30. Like the he younger talent at AEW who never asked for any advice from guys like Arn and Tully?

  31. Arn, Tully, dusty, sting, regal, Lethal, hardys, Jarret, Serena...none of them had issues and all helped the younger talent.

  32. Came here to say that. We don’t know the whole story. If she was seeking pain killers from a hospital, I suspect she was a known drug abuser in the ED. If she truly has chronic pain, she needs to see a PCP or pain specialist, not a hospital.

  33. I went to the ED because i had a prescription that ran out and due to an illness i had not been able to get to my pcp beforehand for a new RX. I called my PCP who flat out told me to go to the ED and to get enough to last until the appointment i had.

  34. Those doctors are trained to spot drug seeking behaviors and have tools and techniques at their disposal to determine if someone is an abuser.

  35. You clearly are not someone with chronic pain issues or chronic health issues, period. we are always treated as drug seekers. I went into the ER my pain at a 9 barely able to lift my left arm and my neck obviously seizing, yet the doctor told me because i was not crying, because i was sitting reading a book that i obviously was not in any pain and clearly faking it. This is AFTER my i had my PCP on the phone (who worked part time at that ER and knew the doctor) told the doctor of my diagnosis and symptoms. He didn't care that I had a diagnosis or pervious RXs for it.

  36. why is a girl scout group having anything to do with sexual orientation and identification

  37. Ah yes because sexual orientation and gender identity are not things that girls deal with at all...

  38. Palestinian hostages where beaten, tortured, the women and young girls raped all by Isreal

  39. Um no Ken...Meece is the correct answer

  40. They’re fascist just like the nazis were. It’s amazing how they’ll fight tooth and nail to dispute that but they’re oppressing minorities in the same way the nazis did. The only difference is they haven’t tried to take land from other countries.

  41. I mean Isreal employed nazis when they started forming

  42. This is ridiculous, is the point to fight the current? Clearly it's obvious.

  43. The "dock" is being pulled by boats its all to make it look like some risky stunt

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