1. Check out Redding Recreation Area and Wolf Pen Recreation Area. They’re near each other and have camp spots.

  2. When I was a sophomore in high school back in like 1992, we were doing square dancing. My PE teacher said I needed do my do-si-do slower. Me being a smart ass I slowed it way down and next thing I know he grabbed me and slammed me against the wall and held me there making threats and then made me get in a push up pose and stay there the rest of class. He came very close to getting his ass kicked by my brother and my father all over some do-si-do shit.

  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s - Such a wide range of sound through the years

  4. White is usually for proposed work in Florida. I’d guess a future pull box but I could be way off

  5. Could also be a proposed pedestal for CATV equipment

  6. I buy a box of latex disposable gloves. I pack 1 ziplock bag with however many I think I’ll need for handling food and another empty bag to dispose of the ones I use.

  7. Now that's clever. Shouldn't take to much space either. Just gotta make sure not to drop them out in the forest.

  8. Works great. Just take like 10 pairs and you’re set depending on how long you plan on being outside.

  9. A thrill that sends a chill up your spine for sure.

  10. Thanks. I think they were closer together when I first heard them. Stopped me right in my tracks of course.

  11. Emagine building a water weel on the log

  12. Thanks for sharing! I was taking it with my night routine before getting in bed. I’ll try that out tonight. Appreciate you!

  13. I have found ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs very helpful for sleep. It has Valerian root, hops and passion flower. It is the one thing that helps me be able to go back to sleep if I wake up in the night. It’s plant based but strong.

  14. Any dependency or hangovers? How often do you use it? Seems like a dangerous road unless used only when abso necessary, assuming it’s like Benadryl (deliriant)

  15. Dangerous how? It’s made from natural plants. It just makes me tired. No hangovers

  16. Thank you. She’s an amazing pup. I’m fortunate to be her human.

  17. I’ve always been partial to my Sierra Nevada and Stanislaus forrests in California but the colors in this forrest are spectacular.

  18. It is beautiful but if I had my choice I’d be back out west. Moved here from AZ and worked all over the west. Staying here to be near family and learning to enjoy my time here for a while.

  19. It looks to be a Hentz's Orb Weaver. Based solely on the color, shape and little hairs.

  20. I was thinking Orb Weaver as well due to the striping on the legs but honestly have no idea.

  21. If you have livestock in the immediate area I'd ensure their water troughs, feeding areas, and living spaces have been thoroughly cleaned. Vertibrates aren't affected by horsehair worms but it's best to generally reduce vectors for similar parasites like brown stomach worm, which can affect bovines, cervines, and equines greatly.

  22. This is at an apartment complex. Nearest horses or cows are about a mile away. I appreciate the advice though.

  23. Reddington or Wolf Pen Recreation areas on the Mulberry River. Spyglass trail can be hiked from the entrance at Reddington. You can also fish at either. There is also Twin Falls in the area which is an easy short hike.

  24. If you’re talking about the orb shot, it was taken up near the bridge just as you pass Tortilla Flats.

  25. Wow, stunning photos! I love the way you capture the light in the night skies.

  26. Thank you. I owe it to my AZ family that took me in on IG that helped me learn photography along the way.

  27. Speckled kings are so cool. great to have around and they're so docile. I've never been bitten picking up a wild one to move from the street or have a look.

  28. Definitely the most beautiful snake I’ve ever seen. Its body appeared iridescent.

  29. Was leaving for work and have a dog so it was a no go.

  30. Well we work for communications so the power lines really aren’t in the wheelhouse here. Plus I just started like 6 months ago so I’m still fresh and trying to learn everything I can

  31. I do the same type work for a communications company. You may be able to look on the web and see if the pole owner has a GIS system or the county may have one. I had to do pole loading for a bunch of poles in Long Beach a while back and had to get maps from the pole owner to get the type and sizes correct.

  32. I think that is a wheel bug which is a type of assassin bug.

  33. After a quick search I think you’re right. Also read their bite is worse than a wasp sting. Good thing I didn’t hang out with it too long. Appreciate the ID.

  34. Yes, there’s a fork in the trail off Centerpoint that leads to Big Bluff.

  35. For some reason, i really hated the hike when I did it years ago. Not scenic at all and horse poop everywhere.

  36. My buddy and I were on the trail before daylight. When we got to the bluff the whole valley was filled with fog and you really couldn’t see anything. We hung around until it slowly started clearing up. I took this shot around 9am.

  37. It’s been years since I’ve gone camping here. That first picture has me wanting to go asap this fall. 🏕

  38. You must have some pretty fancy camera equipment.

  39. Shot all of these with a Nikon D3200. Not too fancy. The Rokinon f1.6 lens I used really helped.

  40. Really? I feel like I only ever see keens when I hike. Than again I am not looking at everyone’s shoes that closely

  41. I have two pairs of Keen steel toe works. They aren’t the prettiest but they are the most comfortable I’ve found.

  42. WAIT my ACD is called Bindi too, what a coincidence

  43. I rescued my Bindi back when Bindi Irwin was on Dancing with the Stars and that’s how my girl got her name.

  44. I never seen this before I am in US .. I will check this out for sure! I like natural stuff and if it works that be great! Thank you so much!

  45. I hope it helps. I’ve honestly been surprised on how well it’s helped me. I read on another sub the Skullcap tincture helped someone get through their benzo recovery. Best wishes

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