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  2. I feel your pain. I received a message from my Rheumatologist saying that my blood results came back normal. Yet my Ana and sed rate were high? She didn't elaborate and her message was three sentences long. I have lost over 70% of my hair, I have lost over 20 lb, I can barely walk, I can't take care of myself and this has happened in only 5 months. my skin is so dry and I never sweat. I have no saliva, so my oarl health has been compromised. I just turned 45 and this started in May. But i had Covid in February-March and I never felt the same after. If you knew me, you would not recognize me. I feel like my doctors have just push me aside because I only have Medicaid. I've been a widow for almost 17 years and no I did not work I was to stay at home mom. I had to go on disability after my Mri passed away due to my seizures. I cannot collect my husband's benefits until I'm 50.By then I'll probably be dead the rate this is going. I see my neurologist tomorrow and I have my mri's schedule for September 2nd. I've had seizures my whole life, yet not one doctor has given me a reason why. I do have a cyst on my brain, but they told me it was not harmful. Well I beg to differ. I saw a neurosurgeon and he told me they can become dangerous when you become an adult. Fluid started coming from my ears and nose. Plus my eyes. I need to start all over with a new team of doctors. I went to the cancer center with my partner and her doctor took one look at me and said we need to get you help immediately. They took charge and I have 2 appointments scheduled in the first week of September. But I'm still getting my Mri's with the neruoroligst I have for now. If something doesn't give, then I'm gonna flip out. I look like a stranger in a stranger's body. It eat away at my brain. I do hope that you get the help that you deserve.

  3. I hope you get the help you deserve as well, I’m so sorry that you’ve been pushed aside again and again. I unfortunately know how that feels, and how much that tears away at you. I hope you have more luck with the cancer center and neurosurgeon.

  4. How long are the fainting spells? Did they consider narcolepsy?

  5. I don’t remember anyone timing them, and I wouldn’t put myself as a reliable source as I can’t remember all the times I did pass out according to my mom. The hospital never considered narcolepsy

  6. It could definitely be related to that, i hope you get answers soon

  7. My most recent ER visit is proof of this :)

  8. I’d honestly about agree with you. The last time I had a fever and it spiked to 103.3 I was hallucinating so badly it took several people to calm me down and get medication in me. 104 is where I’ve seen kids seizing and their vitals suck, I’ve never seen a fever above 104

  9. When I have pneumonia back in swim or year of highschool I had pneumonia, fever got up to 104 and I was hearing people that wearing there and could swear I was freezing even though I was burning up, I couldn’t even move. One of the worst experiences of my life.

  10. Complete silence from my doctor when I need more migraine medication in an active migraine :)

  11. I had an experience like this on made me smile. I posted a picture of me on my birthday at Epcot. The second I corrected someone on my pronouns my post got flooded. It had to be locked due to the transphobes and was hate reported so much reddit ended up removing it.

  12. :( Transphobes are real assholes. I hope you had a good birthday anyways!

  13. “No dad because I’m not a fucking iPhone”

  14. I have a lot of empathy for people acting like it’s all in your head. I’ve been on a path for a few years to figure out what’s going on. Lots of test came back negative but I did get others with real results. I’ve been to almost every specialist for each bodily system trying to get answers. Most doctors brush me off or make excuses as to why my age would mean it wouldn’t normally be certain conditions. I’ve even have doctors look at my lab panels shrug and then leave the exam room without saying anything. I think doing some research on your own can be helpful in order to know what questions to ask doctors. Also being strong in advocating for yourself and pushing for doctors to give you detailed answers. I’m happy it sounds like you have a doctor who is taking the tests finally! Hopefully you can get a rheumatologist and maybe a endocrinologist depending on what your symptoms are! Is you’re female I would look into the thyroid too (tsh, t3,t4, antibody test, and tpo) just to check in.

  15. Thank you so much! This rheumatologist is great but unfortunately since he’s arthritis and I don’t have joint issues I’m not sure I can stick with him for long. However he did run a bunch of auto immune tests on me and ruled out some of the well known ones including thyroid auto immune issues. Which is interesting as I do have hypothyroidism.

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  17. Was it crohns? That shit is nasty. So glad you got validated though. Best of luck from here out. Damn doctors.

  18. not crohns, was negative for all structural GI issues. My recent blood test lit up bright red for an autoimmune issue but we just have to diagnose the right one now, I feel so relieved that I wasn’t crazy and that I was right, there is something wrong. Thank you for the luck!

  19. Me worried about my friends feeling like their the therapist friend. But they luckily remind me that I don’t treat them like that and want to help, so I’m getting better…hopefully

  20. Ngl the first thing I saw was THONGS FIND NOT TITS FAULT PASS I MY NOT BREAK and got wildly confused

  21. Congratulations! Also Eli is very friend shaped

  22. I would throw myself on the floor and cry in pain. Thank god some genius decided to put calculators on phones.

  23. I’m so god damned grateful for calculators on phones it’s saved so much confusion

  24. The septum stretched looks awsome on ya! Also, your hair is stellar!

  25. That guy made that comment section his dream journal and now we all have to suffer from it

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