1. Chantal fits right in with the Muslims.

  2. Fine by me. As a gay man, anything that pisses off homophobes is a win.

  3. Well, would you rather eat raw fish or human shit?

  4. I’ve been having these same feelings, but that’s also why I’m definitely going because I’ve never seen her before and I’m not sure how much longer she will even be able put on big shows if she continues to decline.

  5. So she’s fighting against sexism by being sexist? Make it make sense.

  6. Last time I checked Ukraine was a European country. So yea, compared to Europe, the US gun violence is much less.

  7. AI rips art from other artists. Why not just put in an ounce of effort and learn to draw? Believe me. I thought It couldn't be done without natural talent, but within a couple years I am at a level now where I could draw these myself.

  8. Yea, and why google things when you could just go read every book in the library and educate yourself. Technology bad mmkay.

  9. I disagree, I consider someone gay if they are mostly attracted to men. If they are attracted to both sexes about the same then I call that bisexual.

  10. She spent a whole lot of time talking but not saying anything.

  11. I'm just hoping it's not a remix tour. I did not like many of the remixes on the recent remix album, so I'm hoping she's not gonna do a tour of pure tiktok remixes.

  12. You are gonna be very disappointed then. Madonna always keeps changing and remixing her songs. The never just performs the record version of songs.

  13. Sounds like you are only attracted to guys that are out of your league.

  14. Interesting that rogue and gambit and captain Britain are not using the Hickman font anymore.

  15. I like to Singy Singy Singy like a bird on a wingy wingy wingy

  16. The KKK used religion to defend their bigoted beliefs too. Hiding behind a religion doesn’t make you any less hateful.

  17. Whitley Strieber's books are an excellent starting point if you're interested in reading accounts of a wide range of phenomenon. Some of the books have illustrations and photos as well which are all pretty foundational to the UFO premise at this point.

  18. I'm sorry you are being downvoted, but I agree, that Whitely is a great source of information in this field. His books are very important and he is one of themes capable and consistent sources in the field.

  19. Everything/Anything by Budd Hopkins is always a smart place to start(Missing Time, Intruders, Witnessed). He was an amazing reasearcher. All of his books are important and he was a major influence on the study of the phenomenon. Raymond Fowler is another one, all of his books(Andreasson Affair, The Watchers), he was a very important early researcher. next would be Whitley Streiber(Communion). In that order.

  20. That's a great collection. Do the books get dents along the bottom where they're sat on the grids

  21. I'm planning on fitting boards to put underneath on all the shelves so that shouldn't be a problem. This is definitely just stage one for them.

  22. No, the taliban defeated the Afghanistan democratic government, not the US military.

  23. I have no respect for any woman that puts a new man before her kids.

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