1. Lol no. Kirby never coached a defense that was as aggressive as that defense at Bama. Kirby is a elite defensive mind, but he absolutely had a different philosophy than Pruitt had.

  2. Kirby defense sucks against mobile qb which still causes him problem Pruitt defenses eats mobile qb alive

  3. Did you see what Kirby’s horrible against mobile QB’s did to Max Duggan ?

  4. Lmao starting SB QB younger than the starting CFP natty QB 😭

  5. Norvell calls the offensive plays for us, when we're on defense he probably knocks back a key bump

  6. So what do you think about curly fries? Should McDonalds add them to the menu?

  7. I think it’s predatory and I’m a man. Ironically these old guys with women young enough to be their daughters would never want their daughters dating older men.

  8. Quickest way is to replace the "shorts/" with "watch?v=".

  9. I found a sneaky way to do this in the YouTube app:

  10. Because WWE would rather pay their current music guy royalties than Jimmy Hart who no longer works there. They did it to Jim Johnston to when he was fired.

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