1. FYI add another 1-2k for native wildflower seed and seeding labor

  2. I second going to your library. You could also go to issuu.com and search landscape architecture portfolio to peruse other student’s work to get ideas.

  3. Radium Girls was mentioned at one point - I only remember because I’d just read it and loved it.

  4. Camp chewonki in wiscasset maine

  5. You could also look into cercis canadensis. 20-30 ft, gorgeous fall color (and amazing spring flowers) and it’s native to Long Island and easily available at nursery centers in the area.

  6. In my experience, you would be limited to entry-level positions with no opportunity of advancement, as mid-level and above positions are reserved for licensed employees.

  7. This varies greatly by firm. At my firm only the principle stamps drawings. The senior folks are licensed and a few others, but it means basically nothing. You don’t even get a raise when you get licensed.

  8. Sounds like you’re part of a Household group. Once you leave it, or remove the other person from it, the issues will stop.

  9. I checked and we don’t have anyone added to our household group

  10. Hm, weird! When you view your Echos in the Alexa app, do any devices come up that aren't yours? If so, then you are indeed part of an Amazon Household. Another indicator or two would be if commands that involve music returned a response saying something like "Playing xyz on [name]'s [service]" which only ever happens if you are in an Amazon Hosehold. In addition, commands like "switch account" would also work, allowing you to control the other Amazon account's lights, groups, etc.

  11. No all the devices that come up are ours. I asked my friend what hers are named just to double check. No crossover. When ask to play music it just plays.

  12. Wowwwww!!! I loooove this. Can I buy it??

  13. Avocado trees require a ton of water to produce depending on your climate. Maybe add an irrigation line or just water more frequently.

  14. I saw this truck's twin the other day but it said "BROTHRES"

  15. Classic! This guy spends 1 mil or whatever on this fancy house and as usual leaves the landscape as an afterthought and wants to install 360 lawn and “some shrubs”. What a shame.

  16. So cool!! What brand of container do you have here? I'm looking to start at my new house and this looks like a nice smallish size.

  17. Awesome! A tip i just learned during my last session: take a small piece of plastic or folded up wet newspaper and hold it in an upside down U shape over the rims of your bowls/cups as your final turn before taking them off the wheel -- it gives you a nice smooth rounded edge!

  18. Do you have any idea where you want to take your career besides internationally? Every program varies in their focus and core tenets and it’s important that your goals align with what you will be spending three years learning. I went to Spitzer and the staff is incredible and the students are diverse and driven. The program is heavily based in research and theory, largely focused on environmental justice and climate issues. I think it’s a really unique and excellent program, but NYC and California are just very different so it sounds like you need to do some more research to make this decision.

  19. I'd prefer to do big firm projects in the public domain early in my career, and then perhaps do residential projects later in life if the pay is better.

  20. Definitely focused more on urban ecologies than many other programs. It's the only MLA program in NYC (until next year...I think Pratt is starting one) so there's ample opportunity to get involved with interesting local organizations and short or part time internships with firms doing work in the NYC public realm.

  21. I would recommend a cheaper school. You're not going to be making enough as an LA to justify that level of debt. You can get a great education at many different schools.

  22. I agree. It's worth it if you can afford it. Be wary of counting on taking out loans. The $700+ monthly payments are brutal on an LA's salary. I went to a "cheap" state school (20k/yr) and work/live in a high income location, but I would be living with 5 roommates if my partner didn't make way more than me.

  23. So any update? I’m in the same scenario a month out only day of the month a storm is predicted.

  24. Omg rain was predicted right up until the day before but we only had a sprinkle the evening before during the outdoor welcome party but nothing bad, and had the MOST beautiful wedding day. Absolutely perfect. Weather is a very fickle thing so always good to plan for the worst, but don’t stress!!!

  25. The Perot Museum has some really interesting landscape integrated with the building

  26. I paid that much just for a hem! Ugh!

  27. I had to submit a writing sample once, so keep it in your back pocket but definitely do not include it in your landscape arch portfolio. Make sure its really good, get it published, and then you can make a 'published works' section on your resume and add it there ;)

  28. Create a list of plants by trees (conifer/deciduous)

  29. Before you break it down by type, I would first break it down by region if you are listing plants across zones. Having a column header for "Use" can also be helpful, which would specify if its good for garden, hedge, ecological restoration, rain garden etc.

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