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  1. Ronnie one year contract , 100k a week , 100k a goal.

  2. Nah, an injured benz will play better than CR7 in his current state

  3. Croatia will lose against Morocco, not saying that bc I'm moroccan 😂.

  4. Morocco 3rd place. Hakimi will be the 3rd best player at the tournament behind modric and fede

  5. Why tf are 10yr old arsenal fans replying to my comments on ø from a yr ago

  6. If we still had someone like ramos, noone would dare touch vini

  7. Damn big Ø got Vardristas mad lol 😹😹😹 L + Barca Better + Florentino bought the league + Arsenal better

  8. Modric started the move, modric destroyed the move. Call it evens

  9. Its that goofy marvel training kits that cost us imo. Would have thrashed them 5-0 if it were DC

  10. Camavinga really fell off from last season, not consistent enough to depend on him yet

  11. Just wondering, have we ever play Europa league? Don't think so, right?

  12. All that fckin crowd noise and i can still hear every fckin word thats being said on the pitch.

  13. Sign Nkunku in the Half Time and Sub him in the 2nd half for us.

  14. The last time this was said about a french player by us, we also made a comeback from 2 goals down

  15. Diogo Dalot has reportedly emerged as a target for Real Madrid 📰

  16. Militao's pocket: Cl medal , car keys , wallet and lewandowski

  17. Aint no way , rodrygo unintentionally trolling drake and barca 💀💀. Bro captioned "Gods plan"under his post

  18. Lewa must be traumatized, he got manhandled by skriniar and militao in the span of 5 days

  19. Imagine being a gay player already struggling with having to hide that because the football industry and a lot of fans are homophobic and someone triggers a wave of hate reminding you of that reality because he wanted to own the media or something

  20. 🚨| Casillas is not hacked. He ironically tweeted that due to the media leaking false information on his relationships by linking him to different women every week. @diarioas #rmalive

  21. How does mariano look into the mirror and say " damn, my haircut is fine"

  22. me think abde worst, becus abde play for barca

  23. First good team arsenal play and look what happens lol

  24. In the context of EPL, it's more than Prime Cristiano stuffs. Their highest scoring record is like 31.

  25. The most exciting Castilla in ages

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