A man invades the pitch at the World Cup in Qatar with a shirt reading "Save Ukraine" and a rainbow flag during Portugal vs Uruguay

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  1. Judging by the other case, the kid will just be removed from parents and put with raging nazi foster parents or a brainwashing orphanage, while the kid's parents will be charged and sent to prison for 10 years.

  2. The donkey convinced him to go on strike

  3. Lol, there's definitely a high level of entry to play chess professionally. Just a reminder, to do something professionally means to make a living off it. I'm not saying he is bad, I'm saying teaching chess and playing professionally are two different things. Maybe my wording sounded a little too harsh on the description of Levy's abilities. He is not bad, he simply isn't good enough to play chess professionally, there's nothing inherently bad with that, most of us aren't good enough (myself included)

  4. So at what point do you become a professional chess player? When you reach GM? Even if you become a GM, only the top players can pay their bills by just playing chess tournaments

  5. The Ohio attorney General just dropped all charges against him this morning, I'm assuming because of the now public perception of this whole event...

  6. Every move check for checks, captures & attacks for both sides. Doing this regularly prevents you from most blunders

  7. Why is it ok for women to become skiddish of men because of a select few, but we as society don’t accept that with anything else? It’s not ok to judge any ethnicity, profession, etc based on a select few. Imagine giving white people a pass on being skiddish around black people because a select few harassed them. We don’t tolerate that shit, and we shouldn’t tolerate this.

  8. I think you need to get your arguments straight. Yes, judging someone on their apoearance etc. is a no go. But that doesn't mean that, as a woman, you have the duty to always be polite when a man flirts with you.

  9. You literally provided absolutely no justification as to why it’s ok to judge men based on a select few negative experiences.

  10. You're missing the point. I'm not saying it's ok to judge men, but we're talkin specifically about flirting.

  11. what about Qg1 and Qd1? hey get out of danger and defend the knight

  12. You didnt wait long with the repost did you

  13. Same fad as supreme its a status symbol. So they can pose with it in a picture for insta. Kids think because it's expensive it's fashionable. EU call us Americans dumb then do shit like this. Straight up robbing this dude blind for a 3$ drink due to supply and demand. Everyone's stupid every where I've lost faith in humanity.

  14. Well technically the UK isn't part of the EU anymore, so I could still call you dumb right?

  15. I honestly don't get it. I'm daily playing on chess.com for roughly a year now and I've never experienced any issues.

  16. 🔥and🔥he🔥hung🔥a🔥piece🔥on🔥move🔥6🔥

  17. Yeah. I am not holding my breath. I will let you know.

  18. I never said there would be 500m tomorrow.

  19. Soon there will be another 500m shares. It’s actually the last word in the post you replied to.

  20. You don't know it will be soon. It might take years or it might even never happen. The s1 says that they reserve the right to sell more shares to raise capital

  21. That did nothing to get this resolved today. We needed George to delay the changeover.

  22. It won't be resolved today. But if two days the transfer agent will say that the 165.5m shares are reserved. The question is, what happens with the synthetics

  23. No it wouldn't since MMTLP doesn't trade on the German exchange

  24. I'm not even going to read anything and still know for a fact that this is absolute horseshit

  25. Just think for a minute. OFCOURSE shares are transferred to Nextbridge, that's what the filing says. If FINRA lifts the halt then the only trading day left is tomorrow. However, the fillings also state that the directors of Meta Materials can cancel or postpone the spin-out any time they want. If they don't cancel/postpone the spin-out and FINRA doesn't lift the halt tomorrow then automatically, with every broker, your MMTLP shares will be transferred into Nextbridge. If however, Meta Materials decides to cancel or postpone the spin-out then we will get a new record date.

  26. & if all of the AST spots are taken, & millions more shares left on the books, then what?

  27. Good questions, nobody knows. It's something that shouldn't happen

  28. It is perfectly timed with the FINRA approval, so it's probably a forced close

  29. Some time ago I tried with one share. If you enter a limit lower than current market, it's sold for the bid price. Give it a try with just one when the price trades above the max limit and share your experience.

  30. How many shares do they own? Or are “their shares” a different preferred version? All possible

  31. No it isn't "all possible". They own the same shares as we do

  32. Came here just to suggest that video!

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