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  1. Trotsky was still authoritarian even if he was revisionist. Plus I’m very anti reform, as a route to achieving socialism at least. Communist monarchism is still not as authoritarian as some of the others I put lower then it. Also I usually don’t answer questions given by pseudo socialists.

  2. Do you mean the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?

  3. It’s because it ain’t socialist anymore. Just in name only. You have Deng and his DENGIST reforms to thank for that. It’s now a state capitalist authoritarian country that tramples on its citizens rights 24/7.

  4. And I believe Italy’s smallest border is with Vatican city

  5. And in Netherlands is Belgium not Germany. The border with Germany is 577 kilometers (358 miles) long and that with Belgium is 450 kilometers (280 miles) long. And if we count colonies, the shortest border would be the Saint Martin–Sint Maarten border with France (16 km/10 mi)

  6. Socialism is when the government does stuff, the more stuff it does the more socialist it ts, and when it does a real lot of stuff that's communism.

  7. i haven't gotten the new path once yet, i want it so i can just get on with my life

  8. If mobile go to the play store/app store and you should be able to update it there. On my PC (web) it updated automatically after some time.

  9. You separated MLs and people who have read theory. What are you trying to say, OP?

  10. Huh? I didn't mean to separate them, they have read theory and know history so they're MLs

  11. Falangist symbol in 0:14 + if world communism was achieved there would be no countries + the Soviet Union had been an imperialist power since long before than Gorbachev + flags with bourgeoise national colours aren't communist.

  12. Trotskyist: If Stalin is not existed. Stalinist: If Khrushchev not existed. The Dutch and German Communist: It's an early revolution. Me: Doesn't matter.

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