1. Yea but like, you wanna wait 10 weeks for a chance to draw an ssr? XD

  2. Gimme some comment karma lovely people

  3. No it's my own painting of k/da Ahri, thus it is my personal creation (the painting not her)

  4. Oc stands for original character, you can just use drawn by me or something but no, not oc lol

  5. Του χρόνου τέτοιο καιρό θα ψάχνουμε πιτογυρο/σουβλάκι κάτω από 4€ και δεν θα βρίσκουμε.

  6. You realize you're a furry right? 💀

  7. Nah Tate’s a criminal as well, He fled to Romania to avoid sexual assault charges

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