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  1. Got this a few weeks back for $28 on sale and I’m not sure if this is a desirable flavor or a bad batch. It’s super chemically and almost mentholly in flavor. Effects are good but I’m just not sure on the taste. Even vapes very low temps on youcan uni pro

  2. Hits hard quickly but doesn’t stick around but enough about my father but for real the flower is really nice. Very heavy heady feel. Not much for pain relief but makes you forget about it for a second at least. Would buy on sale because of dryness with firelands 2.83s. They DO put a humidifier pack in so it’s not as dry as it was when I had them a few times before.

  3. Amazing cure, smell, and effects. Not the most bag appeal but man it does not matter. Stinks up the room really bad too. Not the highest terps I’ve seen but does not seem to matter, great product. Got it at the new amplify in Columbus (which was a fantastic facility) for ~$85 after discount

  4. Ho lee crap this must be what burning pure disty tastes like. Just awful. Made me feel sick to my stomach. Tried leaving it upside down to see if the added terps would mix into the disty, nope. Cracked that bitch open to see wtf was going on and it was like a thick sap. Only pro to this was it seemed full for a .5 but is that a pro if it’s unusably bad?

  5. If you toggle the nsfw tag it seems to let me get past it. Feels like a bug or config issue for the sub but mods haven’t answered the last couple mod mails I’ve sent so hope they okay 🙏

  6. You need a t break my friend. Esp from consistent edible use. Those create the highest tolerance imo but not sure if bro science or real science. Might be real cuz edibles are processed in liver where delta 9 thc is converted to delta 11 which is about 3x more potent. Iirc

  7. Best flower from BR. Agree that that lovely lemon stays on the tongue well after the sesh

  8. Apex is available on more than just steam though. Iirc it came out first on epic store and it’s a console game too so wouldn’t be surprised if that number is a lot higher

  9. Every Klutch purchase I’ve ever made has been better than any galenas purchase I’ve ever made

  10. Yea, the one that is supposed to be at like 914 Cleveland Ave. is an old dry cleaners business that doesn't look like they have done ANYTHING at all to the building yet. It's still just an old run down building with the dry cleaner name still on the door..

  11. I googled it’s address and it was supposed to be 8295, not sure if anything exists there or not

  12. Holy crap this is the biggest cola I’ve gotten in the program. Second to early grapehead from Woodward. First time trying a non 2.83 of galenas and the two I had before were not that impressive for the price. Got this for like $60 on sale. Love the jars and want to collect them all.

  13. Def a fan fave! I would like to see fewer new strains if their own crosses in favor of more volume of the fan faves

  14. Don’t worry, it’ll still do that! This cart design is not great. Lots of oil comes through the mouth piece

  15. Depends on the part of the cities you're in. As has been mentioned the source in falcon heights is the biggest name in the state

  16. If your going to Roseville might as well go to gamezenter

  17. Checked out their website and some pics, do you know if they do singles?

  18. First time trying this and glad I went for the half. Smell is what you’d want from a garlic strain and strong. Cute is great. Buds are dense and sticky and not at all crumbly. My fingers were annoyingly sticky after breaking buds up for the grinder. Nice and smooth too and the effects are setting in nicely

  19. Cute is definitely great, although I’ve never heard flower described as cute /s

  20. Oh limonene and Linalool as top two. I wanna try this/see bud pics!

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