1. Speaking of certified… the current batch of wedding punch select is really good. Surprisingly good, imo.

  2. That's a pretty strong looking punch right there! Being new to RSO I'm up to about half of that for a good slap. Revel is good bang for buck.

  3. so how did you smoke it? Joint? Pipe? How are the effects?

  4. RSO and a bag of your favorite gummy candy. It will be your new favorite edible! Plus, you can dose higher, and it's exponentially cheaper.

  5. Thanks for the tip. I did a little homework on RSO and apparently it comes in different strains? I'm guessing you wont get any taste or flavor of that particular strain, but its more of a familiarity thing as far as how it will effect you as compared to say that strains flower?

  6. I bought Cherry Pie like 2-3 months ago at like over 30% was dry and no smell. Threw a little slice of orange peel into the jar of the 4 2.83's I bought just to bring it back to life. When then smell finally came around it reminded me of those old school chocolate covered cherries you see during the holidays. I can't remember the name of them bought it has that old candied/canned chocolate cherry smell. The effects were middle of the road for the high thc % . I thought it was not very good and won't buy again.

  7. I will never step foot in Bloom Akron ever again after last week. Purchased a half oz of pow animal mints online for 30% off sale . Go there the next day and they want to charge me full price because my online purchase was made after they closed. Would not honor the sale price even though online it was still on sale and showed so in my cart and final price. They still would not honor the sale price . FUCK OFF BLOOM AKRON never again!

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