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  1. There's no cure for being a cunt...Bron

  2. Valley fever? The spores have moved out of the desert southwest into other states.

  3. Girl...those eyelashes are killing it.

  4. Nimrata Randhawa should know by now Republicunts won't vote for POC or women...

  5. Ronald Reagan denied dying his hair right up to his death. Vanity is a powerful force.

  6. "I'm an apex predator Anna. I eat rabbits not rabbit food!"...this kitty, probably.

  7. Taken = kidnapped. Loved = raped. Privileged to raise = held hostage. All to help some guy who thinks you're not even human.

  8. What branch did the mother serve in?

  9. Timothy Treadwell also photographed bears...

  10. Every face is the same. Cheekbones, nose, chin... they're just changing the hair a bit.

  11. I work with this guy. He gets the stuff off the shelves for me because I'm short.

  12. That slide was longer than most water park rides.

  13. Welcome to the club. We would have sent a gift basket but our GD ate it...and the card.

  14. Where's the little old white lady telling you to get yours first?

  15. Your children are in danger. You know what to do.

  16. "Who are you calling fat, you featherless fat monkey"...this bird, probably.

  17. Get your own identity, Sis. You'll need it.

  18. Come on vacation, leave on probation...this is a legit saying in AZ.

  19. I'm a 57 yr old lady so I'm going to change the abortion room to a pantry. Yep, I can live with the rest.

  20. Low fume oven cleaner. Let set for several hours. Scrub if necessary. Rinse really well.

  21. I feel safer already. Hopefully it will be retractable so the cancer cells from the windmills can be let out to float to Chynah...insert eye roll here.

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