1. This meetup group used to be great for that! Has been inactive for a while, but I bet you could restart it :)

  2. It's waterproof for only so long and for so much depth. Very likely this phone is already damaged beyond use.

  3. This is inaccurate, the phone was fine after 2.5 days in the water.

  4. Glad to hear that, but my statement was not inaccurate, from

  5. Apple's official waterproof specs are very conservative. You don't actually have to get that lucky for the phone to still work, even after a significant amount of time. They almost always still work. This is according to the gevonden-verloren guys, who rescue several phones every week.

  6. I'm late to the game, but if you still have it I'd take the Malm dresser.

  7. I had looked up the basic route on maps in my planning and basically had these pitches set in memory: 5k rembrandt to bus, 3k bus into noord, 12-13k noord through schellingwoude to diemen, 5k diemen to gustavmahler, 5k back to rembrandt.

  8. Dont compare the netherlands with america. Compare it to the netherlands. The fact is that last summer there were double digit daily cases with barely any rules. This summer will even have north of 5-6 million vaccinated persons with nearing 100% of the risk group

  9. Because it's a very special place and can play by different rules from everyone else?

  10. Remember that that’s doses, not people. All the vaccines so far require two doses.

  11. Hi, I'm a young-ish person working in Amsterdam. I frequently go on walks around the city to look at birds and discover new plants (it's a great time of year for that). Before moving here I did a lot of foraging for edible ingredients, and would be interested in doing more of that. Are you studying something culinary-related?

  12. Great image! Where did you get it from?

  13. It was taken by Sentinel-2, an ESA satellite. I downloaded the image data and processed it myself.

  14. Yeah cause there is no covid right? Ben die witte kakkers zo zat.

  15. The sad part is that this scene would be very safe if there wasn’t such a steadfast refusal among the Dutch to wear masks. It’s worse here than the United States.

  16. My work said it was okay to show it on a phone. I haven't tested this though.

  17. I just moved in to my first apartment in the Netherlands. I used

  18. Perhaps there is a contract still running on your address? In any case you should have working energy, "energy providers" don't actually handle the infrastructure, that's done by Liander. Unless you get a letter from Liander, you don't need to worry about not having gas/electricity.

  19. Thanks, that definitely seems possible, since I know the previous tenant was an expat who left the country. It’s good to know I won’t wake up with no power, but I’m still a bit worried about unexpected bills/penalties.

  20. Hi! My partner and I just arrived here and are starting to look for long term apartments. Would we be better off looking after the Christmas holidays, or is the number of available apartments pretty consistent throughout the year?

  21. Yes, we have 3 days left in our quarantine.

  22. Seems like the biggest issue here is that it's hard to get financing if they have to get re-approved for each phase of the project. Doesn't seem like Oakland gains anything from making them do that, either.

  23. Closest one would be in Millbrae and it's definitely possible. A quick uber/lyft from SFO to Millbrae should only take you 5 mins.

  24. You can also just walk there from the airport. It’s kind of a funny walk down McDonnell but it only takes about 20 minutes.

  25. Saw some people running outside this morning in the Mission. No common sense.

  26. An AQI of 150ish isn't good, but it's not like a healthy person is going to damage themselves if they go running occasionally in it. LA regularly has AQI 100+ days.

  27. This is an article about how that behavior inconveniences no one.

  28. When the people protected bike lane protests were held, yeah, Ubers dropped people off by stopping in the traffic lane. It was fine, and people were much faster about loading and unloading!

  29. How many sharks did you see? That bay is known for them isn't it?

  30. I've heard of leopard sharks around there, but we didn't see any. Just some curious seals.

  31. Looks fun! Is there any build photos, ore other info on the process?

  32. Sorry! We don't have too many photos of our build process, but we basically followed this guide (with a few mistakes along the way)

  33. Awesome. Ever since the sfgate or weather underground fog forecast has been borked I haven't known where to go to get an idea of fog conditions. Thanks for sharing this.

  34. Thanks, I made it because I was frustrated by satellite maps that I couldn't zoom in far enough to tell what was going on in the sunset.

  35. Sorry, ended up cancelling our plans and hightailing it down there after all. Highly recommended!

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